Creative Halloween Costumes to Make for Kids

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These creative halloween costumes are both cute and clever. Our halloween costume ideas include detailed how-to instructions so you can make stylish attire with ease.

Shining Star

All you need for this project is a piece of cardboard, glue, and gold glitter - it's really that easy! Cut a hole for your child's face and cover in glitter; pair the star with a color-coordinating outfit and your costume is ready!

Oh, Deer

Make the cutest deer costume ever with cardboard antlers and ears. Just some pink floral elements, white painted freckles and a fur vest to finish the look!

Circus Elephant

This elephant costume that is almost too cute for words and it's so easy. Apply matching felt to a gray sweat suit to make this adorable costume; the sweats are perfect for a chilly night of trick-or-treating, and make the costume super budget-friendly!

It's Magic! Easy Witch Costume

This costume is so easy, it could be magic! With a few pieces of fabric and some simple stitching, you'll have this easy hat and dress combination finished in no time. Add an adorable broom to the ensemble and your little one will be ready to fly around the neighborhood collecting candy.

Adorable Clown

Add a few embellishments to a set of kids' long underwear for the cutest clown costume ever! This costume is seriously so easy - and so cheap! Use our instructions to create the perfect trick-or-treating ensemble.

Gold Heart Robot

This adorable little robot is so easy to put together. Three stacked and spray-painted cardboard boxes form the robot's body, and plastic recycleables make arms, ears and antennas. Add a tutu, khakis or white pants to finish the ensemble. 

Knight in Shining Armor

Give your child their shining armor with a storebought sweatshirt and a few pieces of felt! Cut a sweatshirt hood to make the helmet, and add a felt badge to the front of a plain tshirt. Cute, easy, and very budget-friendly. Plus, since it's made from sweats, your little one will be warm on Halloween night!

Three Little Mice

Your little crew can scurry from house to house on trick-or-treat night in mouse costumes that elicit smiles rather than shrieks. From sweet ears to soft tails, your young ones will stay cute and cozy as can be.

Little Lumberjack

With a beanie, a flannel and an adorable cardboard axe, your little guy will be chopping trees in no time. Bonus: use an eyeliner pencil to add the signature lumberjack scruff. 

Magical Princess and Unicorn

This adorable unicorn adds a magical (and easy!) element to any princess dress. Use white cardboard and rainbow yarn to create a unicorn that slips over any party dress, making this costume super budget-friendly. Add tights if you're trick-or-treating outside.

Beautiful Bird

Bright feathered wings pair perfectly with a plain cotten sweatsuit to create this super easy (and super cheap!) kid's costume. And since it's all made from paper, this adorable bird costume won't leave you with a feathery mess to clean up when trick-or-treating is over.

Fantastic Beast

This fire-breathing creation looks intricate but it's actually so easy to make! A black hoodie and a wire coat hanger covered in faux leather create this adorable spiked dragon.

Leafy Green Tree

Turn a pair of storebought sweats into a cute-as-can-be costume with some felt leaves and a few stitches. For a no-sew costume, swap the stitching for hot glue! Plus, the sweats will keep your trick-or-treater warm while they're going door to door on Halloween night. 

Construction Worker

No need for heavy construction here. Zip ties and hot glue easily attach the playful roads and trucks to an orange T-shirt uniform. This little man will be ready to be on the job site (or trick-or-treating) in no time!

Pretty Peacock

Transform a store-bought sweatshirt into an adorable costume – no sewing required! This pretty peacock starts with a blue sweatshirt and requires just a few simple craft supplies. Simply attach felt and craft foam to create a vibrant peacock body, and add a simple handmade crown!

Fairy-Tale Favorite

If scary or trendy Halloween costumes don't appeal to your little trick-or-treater, this classic fairy-tale character might do the trick. You may even already own the costume's foundation: a black-and-white checked dress. Finish the costume with our easy-to-make red cape. Bonus points if you can find a little stuffed wolf to add to Little Red Riding Hood's basket!

Sweet Gnome Costumes

Perfect for roaming the neighborhood for trick-or-treating, these gnome girls charm. A felt caplet and apron sprinkled with daisy and mushroom appliqués dress up white shirts and denim skirts. For extra fun, hem the skirts with pom-poms or lace. Tall red hats top off the outfits, and cute red shoes make the look complete from tip-to-toe.

Little Baker

For the aspiring chef, this sweet concoction will be a five-star dish for trick-or-treating. Plus, after Halloween, your little baker will have a new apron to wear in the kitchen. And don't forget about those pretend cupcakes that look good enough to eat! Your little cook will look even sweeter than her haul of Halloween candy.

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