Tropical Tourist

Extend the travel season by portraying a lovable but style-challenged globe trotter this Halloween.

You thought your summer vacation was over, but no way! You can keep the feeling going with this fun Halloween costume. The best part? This costume idea works well for couples or singles.

You can pick up a tacky tourist look costume at most traditional and online costume stores (try for a couple of variations on the theme). Or consider creating your own take on the hapless tourist. It's easy and inexpensive to do. Simply don knee-length shorts, a loud shirt (a tropical print works well), knee-high socks, and sneakers.

Your must-have accessories: A fanny pack, sunglasses, a camera (the bigger, the better), and a straw hat or baseball cap. Don't forget to bring along a guidebook and a backpack or knapsack for carrying home your souvenirs. Now you're ready to hit the road!


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