How to Make an Easy Leafy DIY Tree Costume

This adorable kid's tree costume is so easy—and will save you some green. With just a few embellishments, you can turn a sweatsuit into this cute look.

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A pair of store-bought sweats become a cute-as-can-be costume with some felt leaves and a few stitches (or swap the stitches for hot glue for a no-sew costume!) Plus, the sweats will keep your trick-or-treater warm while they're going door to door on Halloween night! Use our easy instructions to have this adorable costume finished in minutes.

What You'll Need

  • Downloadable pattern
  • Green hooded sweatshirt (with no zipper)
  • Brown sweatpants
  • Light, medium and dark green felt
  • Straight pins
  • Needle and thread

How to Make It

1. Enlarge and trace the patterns onto paper and cut out.

2. Cut the heart from light green felt and cut a total of 40 assorted leaves from light, medium, and dark green. If you want to cover the back of the sweatshirt, cut approximately 30 more leaves.

3. Pin the heart to the left chest area on the front of the sweatshirt. Arrange the leaves on the body, arms, and hood of the sweatshirt and pin them in place.

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4. Using matching thread, sew the heart and each leaf in place with a straight stitch lengthwise through the center of each piece.

5. Add this sweatshirt top to a pair of brown sweatpants and your tree is complete!

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