Top-Selling Halloween Costumes for 2004

A survey conducted by the National Retail Federation (NRF) reports that 54 percent of consumers plan to buy a Halloween costume this year. Here are six of the top 20.


The most popular Halloween costume for kids this year will be Spider-Man, according to the NRF 2004 Halloween Consumer Intentions and Actions Survey. NRF President and CEO Tracy Mullin said, "With the popularity of Spider-Man this year, it's easy to see how frequently children take their cues from pop culture."

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The second most popular Halloween costume for kids this year will be princesses. Like Spider-Man, princesses represent forces for good in the world. All varieties of fairy princesses will be popular with little girls this year.

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Power Rangers

The list of top-selling Halloween costumes for 2004 also includes Power Rangers. Both boys and girls will be drawn to costumes of these superheroes intent on saving the world from destruction.

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Pop Stars

Your kids' favorite pop divas are fair game for costume inspiration. Parents can buy their kids these costumes or make their own -- the look can be as personal as desired.

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Harry Potter Characters

The bespectacled student wizard's spell over Halloween remains strong this year and so does his popularity among the school-aged set. All it takes is a long, black robe or a black cape over black pants and a black top.

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Firefighters fit under the category of everyday heroes, including police officers, doctors, and nurses. Ever since 9/11, they've been popular choices for Halloween, and this year will be no exception.

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