Top Costumes for Kids

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There's a cute Halloween costume here to please any toddler or younger child.

Captain Jack Sparrow

The hottest costume for boys this year: Captain Jack Sparrow dressed in his seafaring best from Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End. Captain Jack Sparrow is available at and other retailers.

Bratz Cheerleader

Join the Bratz pack and show your spooky spirit in this tough take on the typical cheerleader uniform. Boots in place of traditional sneakers makes for a fresh take on footwear. Bratz Cheerleader is available at and other retailers.

Anakin Skywalker

Even without a new film in theaters, young Darth Vader is a powerful force for Halloween. He cuts quite the dashing figure in his boots, brown pants, and tunic topped with a black vest. The one weapon no Jedi can be without: A lightsaber. Anakin Skywalker is available at and other retailers.

High School Musical Cheerleader

Fans of the Disney Channel's High School Musical series will cheer for this peppy get-up. Go Wildcats! Rally your friends to form your own squad. Hitting the trick-or-treat trail with your pals in matching outfits adds to the fun! High School Musical Cheerleader costume is available at and other retailers.

Optimus Prime

Optimus Prime and his fellow robots are back on the radar thanks to 2007 movie Transformers. Optimus Prime is known for transforming from an 18-wheeler into a superhero. Optimus Prime is available at and other retailers.

Fairy Witch

Here's one witch who is anything but wicked! She casts a fashionable spell in stylish attire that goes way beyond basic black. The Fairy Witch is available at and other retailers.

Power Ranger

The latest Power Rangers series, Operation Overdrive, has spawned a new look that's sure to be a hit this Halloween. Power Rangers costumes come in red, blue, black and pink. There's also a "special" ranger outfitted in black, silver and orange. Power Rangers Operation Overdrive costumes are available at and other retailers.

Pink Supergirl

Girl power gets a dazzling new look with this pretty-in-pink alternative to the classic blue-and-red superhero suit. Supergirl's stylish bubblegum-colored ensemble wouldn't be complete without her knee-high boots and cape. Pink Supergirl is available at and other retailers.

Spider-Man Black Suit

The webbed wonder is back in black! Wannabe superheroes can take a walk on the dark side in the latest twist on Spider-Man's famous suit. A black jumpsuit with built-in "muscle" chest and arms plus a black hood add up to a spooky Spidey look. Spider-Man's Black Suit is available at and other retailers.

Elizabeth Swann Bride

The bride is a perennial Halloween favorite of little girls. This year, Pirates of the Caribbean's plucky Elizabeth Swann is the bride to be! Elizabeth Swann is available at www. and other retailers.

Rootin' Tootin' Cowgirl

The West just got a little bit wilder! This sassy lass is ready to saddle up and hit the nearest Halloween haunts. Rootin' Tootin' Cowgirl is available at and other retailers.

Death Rider

What's the scariest thing on two wheels? We vote for this gruesome guy who looks like he just rode in from the nearest cemetery. Death Rider is available at and other retailers.

Go-Go Girl

This mod minidress is a fun flashback to the days when British boy bands ruled. Add a pair of tall, white boots for a groovy finish. Go-Go Girl is available at and other retailers.

Red Riding Hood

Who's afraid of the Big, Bad Wolf? Not this modern-day version of the classic fairy-tale character. Red platform shoes may not be practical for fleeing from wolves in the forest but they do get points for style. Red Riding Hood is available at and other retailers.


Move over, Batman and Robin! Batgirl is just as powerful and much more stylish. Recruit friends to play Supergirl and Wonder Woman for a truly triumphant trio. Batgirl is available at and other retailers.

Neighborhood Klownz

Known in town for goofing around? Then this funky biker-inspired clown costume is for you! "Pleather" sleeves give the T-shirt biker-chic appeal. Neighborhood Klownz is available at and other retailers.

For Little Kids: Raggedy Ann

This cute-as-a-button Raggedy Ann costume comes with everything you need for your little doll, including a red yarn wig and bonnet! The costume includes a bonnet, blouse, wig, apron, pants, and stockings.

High Seas Buccaneer

Shiver me timbers! This captivating captain of the high seas will steal your treasure -- and your heart -- when he hits land just in time for Halloween night!

Tokyo Pop Princess

Move over, Britney Spears. This glamour gal is ready to rock any Halloween bash. This funky, dragon-print dress comes with a lace-up belt with bow. Tokyo Pop Princess is available at and other retailers.


It'll be hard not to get caught up in his web! This itsy bitsy Spidey is sure to become your favorite superhero in no time!

Morning Glory

This bright costume is made from sheets of crafting foam.

Thomas the Tank

All aboard the trick-or-treat train with this cute costume! Thomas the Tank Engine will be pulling into your neighborhood on Halloween night! This foam train overlay comes with an adorable engineer cap.


A true classic! Armed with handcuffs and keys, a shiny badge, and even a billy club, this little patrolman is ready to hit the streets.

Buzz Lightyear

This adorable costume will have everyone buzzing! The jumpsuit and hood puts him light years ahead of the rest, but accessorize with the inflatable jet set and this costume really takes off!

Debonair Vampire

Check out the jumpsuit and cape on this cute Count! Now here's a costume kids can really sink their teeth into! This man in black won't be out for blood -- he's in search of much sweeter treats!


This cute bee costume will have your child buzzing with the Halloween spirit.

Sea Turtle

An all-smiles sea turtle gets his fun protective shell from a large plastic bowl covered with green fleece.

Baby Mermaid

Create a little mermaid costume for anyone who wants to live under the sea.

Pea Pod Costume

Be sure to snap plenty of pictures of your little legume.

Squeeky the Mouse

For a smart, quick alternative to a mask, this little mouse has a painted face made from supplies found around the house.

Hula Dancer

This graceful hula dancer costume will brighten any beach and can be made at the last minute.

Carrot Costume

You'll have no trouble locating your little veggie in this bright outfit.

Ready-to-Leap Frog

If you have only minutes to spare, make this cute frog getup. Just add the eyes and neck detail to a sweat suit and you're ready to go!

Tough-Guy Caveman

Transport your children back to the Stone Age for a night, but lend them some protection with a child-safe club.

Lu-Lu the Ladybug Costume

A costume that's cute as a bug and ready in a flash.

Goldie Locks

You'll have everyone guessing who you are with this fun disguise that's a breeze to make.

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