Swatted Fly Costume

Dress up to get swatted! Become a trapped fly this Halloween.

What You Need:

Oops, did you just get swatted or is this a bug trend?
  • 24 x 32-inch window screen
  • Red baseball hat
  • 8 feet of flexible steel wire
  • Bright green, yellow, and blue duct tape
  • Two 12 x 18-inch sheets of blue craft foam (for wings)
  • 2 silver chenille stems (for the wings)
  • Four black chenille stems (for legs)
  • 2 yellow chenille stems (for antennae)
  • A scrap of feather boa
  • 2 yellow foam balls, movable eyes
  • A scrap of yellow craft foam (for nose)
  • Stapler
  • Hot-glue gun for assembly
  • Optional: large plastic bug


1. To form the base of the flyswatter, fold the bottom two corners of the screen into the center until they touch each other. (They'll look like side-by-side triangles.) Cover the edges down to the base of the window screen with bright green duct tape.

2. Fold the wire in half, then twist it together to form a 20-inch-long handle. You should have two long prongs of untwisted wire left. Thread each wire up through the center of the diagonal folds in the screen base.

3. Staple through both layers of the screen to trap the wire along the edge.

4. Cut a hole large enough to frame your face. Square off the top of the opening to match the bill of the baseball cap. Push the bill into the opening in the screen, and hot glue the screen to the base of the bill.

5. Cover the opening with yellow duct tape. Thread the stapler through the opening to staple the ends of the folded screen in place.

6. Cut a bug wing out of each sheet of foam and glue to either side of opening. Decorate the wings by gluing on bent silver chenille stems.

7. Form the black chenille stems into legs and glue one below and one above each wing.

8. Hot-glue the yellow chenille-stem antennae and foam balls to the bill of the cap. Cut a rounded triangle bug mouth out of the yellow craft foam and glue it to the edge of the bill.

9. Glue the movable eyes to the foam balls.

10. Glue the scrap of the boa over the top of the foam balls. Wrap blue duct tape around the handle and the bottom of the swatter. Optional: Glue plastic bug to the flyswatter screen.


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