Super-Cute Baby Costumes

Introduce your little one to Halloween with an adorable costume that's guaranteed to garner plenty of "oohs" and "aahs."

Pea in the Pod

Not a veggie lover? We're betting you will be after feasting your eyes on this oh-so-sweet pea. The comfy green flannel bunting is ideal for chilly October afternoons. The Deluxe Pea in the Pod costume is available at and other retailers.

Rainbow Chick

This super-soft baby chick costume is the cutest thing to hatch this Halloween. Plus, the costume will keep her arms and legs covered for chilly outdoor temperatures. Rainbow Chick is available at and other retailers.

Baby Shrek

Star in your own version of Shrek the Third this Halloween by dressing your little one up as Baby Shrek. A soft, green ogre hood completes the look without blocking your little one's line of sight. Want to make it a family affair? Mom can dress as Princess Fiona and Dad as Shrek. Baby Shrek is available at and other retailers.

Dora the Explorer

The toddler set's favorite bilingual adventurer is on the trail of Halloween treats! Accessorize Dora the Explorer's signature style (pink shirt, orange shorts, yellow socks, and white sneakers) with her ever-present purple backpack and a dark wig. Dora the Explorer is available at and other retailers.


Nature-loving cartoon character Diego gets a thumbs-up from his devoted toddler and preschool fans. For a do-it-yourself Diego look, scavenge your closet for blue shorts, a blue shirt, and a khaki vest. No Diego is complete without a watch and a pack slung across his back. Diego is available at and other retailers.


With Shrek the Third hitting the big screen earlier this year, children will get a kick out of dressing as the movie's quirky part Donkey, part Dragon. This hooved, winged hybrid will keep babes toasty on the trick-or-treat route. He even sports soft mitts on his hands and feet. A sibling or playmate can dress as Baby Shrek. Dronkey is available at and other retailers.

Chef Linguini

Your culinary cutie will earn five stars dressed as kindly Linguini from the movie Ratatouille. Pair black pants with a white long-sleeved shirt or jacket. The icing on the cake? A classic chef's toque. For an extra dash of drama, add a spatula and wooden spoon -- two necessary tools for any aspiring chef. Chef Linguini is available at and other retailers.

Deluxe Teddy Bear

This cute, cuddly teddy is unbearably adorable! The rainbow blanket and blue silky bow tie make this costume extra special. A beary cute idea: Customize a teddy-bear costume by adding accessories to match your child's favorite stuffed bear companion. Deluxe Teddy Bear is available at and other retailers.

Future American Idol

It's no contest! Whether she can sing (or talk) or not, your talented tot is sure to steal the show! Shiny black pants and a burgundy top are the basis for this audience-pleasing outfit. Be sure to attach a contestant number to identify your child as a contender. Future American Idol is available at and other retailers.

Tutti Frutti

Let your little one play with her food just this once! She'll crack up at the chance to wear grapes, strawberries, and more on her head. Feeling crafty? Attach colorful ruffles to the cuffs of your little one's own pants and sleeves for a similar feel. Tutti Frutti is available at and other retailers.

Plush Pumpkin

It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown! Okay, maybe not. But your little pumpkin will be just as great in this cozy jack-o'-lantern costume!

Lady Bug

This cute little lady won't be bugging anyone when she shows up on Halloween night!

Lil Devil

Bundle your little angel up for a devilishly good night of tricks and treats with this adorable Lil Devil costume. This plush bodysuit will keep little ones toasty warm on the big night!


This cute bee costume will have your child buzzing with the Halloween spirit.

Tom Arma

What could be cuter than your little one decked out as a cuddly cow or goat?

Care Bears

Relive your own childhood by dressing up your little one like a lovable Care Bear.

Darth Vader

Even a villain like Darth Vader is lovable when he's this small!

Princess Leia

No hair yet, baby? No problem! This Star Wars costume comes complete with Princess Leia's signature buns.


As Yoda himself would say, very popular for Halloween this costume will be.


Fishing for a fun dress-up idea? Outfit your baby as an oh-so-cute crustacean.

Rubber Ducky

Your toddler will "quack" up when he sees himself dressed as his favorite bath-time friend.


Your little one will be ready to trade her baby carriage for a glass carriage once she's decked out in this ultra-girly getup.


Expect plenty of monkey business when your child dons this cozy critter suit!


Even the littlest Halloween revelers can get in on this year's Batman craze.

Tootsie Roll

How sweet it is! Your tiny trick-or-treater will be cute and comfy dressed as a popular confection.


Your baby may not be able to leap tall buildings in a single bound, but he can drink from a bottle and delight you with his laugh. That qualifies him as a Superman in our book!

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