Super Cup

Top off this sparkling creation with an ice cube head.


What You Need:

Dress cool, bubbly, and slurp-a-licious.
  • Two hula hoops
  • Bright poster board
  • White drainage pipe
  • Ribbon
  • Paper designs


1. Remove the staples from one end of each of the two hula hoops, and cut off a section of each to make one hoop 68 inches in circumference and the other 60-1/2 inches in circumference.

2. Staple or tape the hoops back together.

3. Lay three sheets of bright poster board on the floor so their sides overlap and flare out a bit.

4. Tape the seams together, then tape the top ends of the poster board around the inside of the larger hoop.

5. Turn the poster board upside down, insert the small hoop into the poster-board circle, and tape it in place. Finish taping the side seams.

6. Insert a length of white drainage pipe into the cup. Tape its bottom end to the bottom hoop.

7. Cut two lengths of wide ribbon to make shoulder straps that go across the hoop. Glue on paper designs.

Ice Cube Hat

What You Need:

  • Plastic foam
  • Baseball cap
  • Paint
  • Spoon


1. Use a spoon to hollow out an indentation in the bottom of a chunk of plastic foam.

2. Glue the top of a baseball cap into the indentation.

3. Paint the foam with blue paint, and let it dry.


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