This DIY Twinkling Star Costume Is No-Sew and Totally Adorable

Aim for the stars with this effortless DIY Halloween costume that’s easy to customize for indoor and outdoor conditions.

This handmade Halloween costume shines bright. Made with cardboard, paint, and glitter, this adorable star cutout costume is easy, inexpensive, and doesn't require any special clothing or sewing. Heading out for a chilly night of trick-or-treating? Swap warm (and comfortable!) sweats for the plain dress.

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How to Make a Star Halloween Costume

Supplies Needed

  • FREE Pattern
  • Cardboard
  • Gold acrylic paint
  • Craft glue
  • Paintbrush
  • Gold glitter
  • String of 30 battery-operated LED lights
  • Duct tape
  • Thick elastic band
  • Hot-glue gun and glue sticks

Step-by-Step Directions

With a few supplies and these how-to instructions, you can create your own inexpensive Halloween costume for kids. Customize your DIY star costume with colorful glitter and sequins!

star costume step 1

Step 1: Cut the Star

Enlarge the star pattern and cut out from cardboard. Cut out an opening to fit the child's face; it's best to start by cutting a smaller hole and then hold it up to the child's face to test the size. You can enlarge the hole as needed. Poke holes along the edge of the star using a nail or a drill. Poke from front to back to create a cleaner look on the front of the star.

star costume step 4

Step 2: Paint the Star

Paint the star gold and let dry. Make sure the paint is even and thick to cover the cardboard. It may take two coats to fully cover.

star costume step 5

Step 3: Add Glitter

Apply crafts glue to the star. While the glue is wet, sprinkle glitter on the glue and let dry. Once dry, shake off the excess glitter. This is easiest to do in small areas so the glue doesn't dry before you glitter it. Try gluing and glittering one point of the star at a time and then going over the middle.

star costume step 3

Step 4: Add Straps

On the back of the star, secure the battery pack with duct tape; make sure there are fresh batteries before you cover the pack with tape! Insert lights into the holes. If the lights don't stay in the holes, add duct tape between holes and just position the lights behind the holes. Cut a piece of elastic and glue one end to the back side of the star. Test the length of the elastic on the child's head before gluing the other side down to ensure a perfect fit. Finish your child's Halloween costume with a coordinating dress or sweatsuit.

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