Spooky Spider Costume

Become a spider and spin a web of creepiness this Halloween.


What You Need:

You thought Spiderman was cool? Try this costume.
  • Orange sweat top and pants
  • 3 spools of thin black ribbon
  • Large plastic bag


1. To make a web on the sweatshirt, begin by gluing a ribbon end near the top of the zipper. Then spot-glue the ribbon every 6 inches, working your way over one shoulder, across the back, over the second shoulder, and to the front. Complete four or five more circles around the shirt.

2. Cut shorter lengths of ribbon to encircle the lower arms, and glue in place.

3. To size the ribbons that hang between the arms and sides of the shirt, first lay the shirt flat on your work surface. Next raise the sleeves up diagonally -- as if the hands were higher than head. Cut the ribbon long enough to stretch between the arms and sides. Hot-glue the ribbon ends to the sleeves and sides of the sweatshirt. Hot-glue a large bug to the front of the web.


What You Need:

  • Orange sun hat
  • Purple feather boa
  • Four 24-inch black chenille stems or eight 12-inch black chenille stems
  • 8 green pom-poms (for the legs)
  • 6 bright yellow pom-poms (for the eyes)
  • 6 movable eyes
  • 6-inch plastic foam ball
  • Section of bright orange chenille stem
  • Hot-glue gun for assembly


1. To make the spider hat, hot-glue the center of four large chenille stems to the top of the hat. If using 12-inch chenille stems, glue one end of each of the eight chenille stems to the center top of the hat.

2. Hot-glue the plastic foam ball over the connection of the chenille stem legs. Working up from the base of the plastic foam ball, coil the boa around the ball, gluing as you go, until the plastic foam ball is completely covered.

3. Glue six pom-pom eyes to six pom-poms. Glue pom-pom eyes to the boa.

4. Bend the orange chenille stem into a mouth shape and glue it below the eyes. To better anchor the spider to the hat, you may need to glue the legs of the spider to the rim of the hat. Also, you may glue the lowest part of boa to the hat.


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