Snacky S'more

Complete with graham cracker sandwich boards.


What You Need:

A walking, talking s'more!
  • Two 18 x 24-inch dark brown corrugated plastic sheets
  • Eight 8-1/2 x 11-inch light brown craft foam sheets
  • 2 white pillowcases
  • 5 yards of brown ribbon
  • 1 bag of fiberfill stuffing
  • Ruler, scissors, and utility knife


1. To create graham crackers, cut small holes in the foam sheets. Pinch a spot where you'd like a hole, and cut 1/4 inch of foam along the fold.

2. Lay four foam sheets on each corrugated plastic sheet. For "perforations," cut wavy edges where the foam sheets meet. Glue one sheet in place at a time.

3. Stuff the top and sides of a pillowcase with fiberfill; leave the center and bottom empty. Open the bottom and carefully apply hot glue inside the pillowcase's empty center. Close the pillowcase over the glue and press the center together with a ruler. Stuff the bottom with fiberfill. Glue one edge over the other to seal the pillowcase.

4. Glue a pillow to the back of each corrugated plastic sheet.

5. Use a utility knife to cut two 1-1/2 inch slits on the top edge of each s'more, and another slit halfway down each side.

6. Attach the s'more pieces by threading 1-yard lengths of ribbon through the pairs of top and side slits. Slip costume over a child's head. Tie ribbons into bows.


What You Need:

  • White painter's cap
  • Corrugated brown plastic
  • Light brown craft foam
  • White pillowcase (or white sheet scrap)
  • Ribbon
  • Stuffing


1. Cut two 3-1/2 x 5-inch plastic rectangles and one smaller foam rectangle.

2. Cut a corner off a pillowcase (or a white sheet), stuff with fiberfill, and glue edges shut.

3. Glue the pillow between the plastic rectangles, add the foam rectangle on top, and glue entire s'more to the top of the cap.

4. Trace the bill onto plastic and foam, and cut out. Cut holes in the foam, and glue both pieces to the bill. Add ribbon to the front of the cap.


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