Make a Candy-Collecting Robot as a Kid's Halloween Costume

Make this fun kid's Halloween robot costume from some hardware store supplies and silver spray paint.

What You'll Need

  • Cardboard box (to fit over your child's shoulders)
  • Silver spray paint
  • Foil tape
  • 5/8-inch pipe insulation
  • Tape
  • Silver mini brads
  • Mini wrapped candies
  • Assorted crafts-foam beads
  • Brads to fit inside foam beads
  • Glue gun and hotmelt adhesive
  • Universal flexible dryer duct (use the clamp for the helmet)
  • White duct tape
  • Bike helmet
  • Mini Slinky toy, cut in half
  • E6000 adhesive

How to Make It

  1. Remove the bottom from the box. Cut out a circle on the top. Check the fit over your child's head. Mark the armhole locations. Remove the box and cut out the armholes. Using the poly envelop as a template, draw a rectangle on the box front. Cut out the rectangle 1/2 inch inside the drawn shape. Spray-paint the box silver. Trim edges and cutouts with foil tape.
  2. Cut a slit down the length of the pipe insulation. Wrap the insulation around the head opening and the bottom half of each armhole opening.
  3. Copy a clip-art gauge image, and tape it to the inside of the envelope. Secure it to the envelope with a brad. Tape the poly envelope inside the box, centering it in the rectangle opening. Fill it with candies, and tape it closed. Glue beads and brads to the box front.
  4. For arms and legs, divide the dryer duct into four equal pieces. Fold over the cut edges and cover with duct tape.
  5. Spray the helmet silver. Glue foam beads with brads to the front. Pull the clamp from the dryer duct apart so the wire spans across the top of the helmet. Thread the Slinky onto the clamp. Push the Slinky and clamp ends into the foam core inside the helmet. Apply E6000 adhesive where the wires enter the foam core to secure them.

Suggestion: Wear this robot costume with a gray sweatshirt and sweatpants and white or gray boots.


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