Make This Magical Princess and Unicorn Costume

This princess costume is bewitchingly cute and it's so easy you'll think it's magic! All you need is some white cardboard and rainbow accents, and your little one will be riding off through the neighborhood to collect candy! Plus, get more of our favorite easy Halloween costume ideas.

This adorable unicorn adds a magical (and easy!) element to any princess dress. Use white cardboard and rainbow yarn to create a unicorn that slips over any party dress, making this costume super budget-friendly. Add tights if you're trick-or-treating outside.

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What You'll Need

  • Downloadable pattern
  • Large white cardboard box
  • Wide grosgrain ribbon
  • Extra white corrugated cardboard  
  • Yarn in multiple colors
  • Crafts brush
  • Acrylic paint in black, pink, and colors that match your yarn
  • Hot-glue gun and glue sticks
  • Pale pink poster board
  • 1 ½ yards pink tulle
  • Single-hole punch 

Step 1: Make the Body

To make the unicorn body, cut a circle in the top and bottom of the box, large enough for the child to step through and wear it at the waist. Cut slits in the top of the box for the ribbons, head and tail, and then cut two pieces of ribbon to fit over child's shoulders. Feed these ribbons through the slits, tying each ribbon end inside the box to secure it. Before you add anything else, have your little one try on the the box contraption to make sure the ribbon length fits! 

Step 2: Make the Unicorn

Trace the unicorn head pattern onto white cardboard and cut it out, cutting a slit in the neck too; this is where the head will attach to the slit in the cardboard body. Use paint or craft markers to make black eyes and pink cheeks, and then paint stripes on each side of the horn and let dry.

Step 3: Add the Mane

To make the mane, cut 10-inch-long pieces of yarn of each color to form eight bundles. Tie a knot in each bundle. Add a small amount of glue on the cardboard edge below the ear. Press bundles of yarn into glue. Glue a few short yarn pieces between the ear and the horn. 

Step 4: Add the Tail

Cut the tail support pattern from cardboard and interlock the support piece into tail slit. Then cut 10-inch long pieces of yarn for the tail and tie the bundle at one end. Punch a hole at the top of the tail support piece and arrange yarn over the tail support with the knotted end toward the box. Feed two pieces of yarn from the tail through the hole, and tie to attach, giving your unicorn its rainbow touch! 

Step 5: Make the Hat

To make the princess hat, enlarge the pattern and cut it out from colored poster board. Roll the piece into a cone shape, leaving a small opening at the pointed end. Overlap the long edges and hot-glue in place. 

Step 6: Add the Veil

To give your hat the perfect princess touch, add a tulle veil; gather one end of the piece of tulle and tie a knot. Gather the other end, wrap with tape, and feed it through the hat from the bottom until the knotted end meets the tip. 

Step 7: Attach String

To keep the hat on your princess' head, punch holes along the bottom edge on opposite sides of the hat andie pink yarn through each hole. Use the yarn to tie the hat under the child's chin, so it stays on while they run through the kingdom collecting candy. 

Your costume is finished - just add a pretty dress and an aspiring princess!

This costume could easily be modified for a knight and horse. Simply omit the unicorn horn and princess hat. Try making our adorable knight costume. 

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