How to Make a Halloween Bear Costume for Your Trick-or-Treater

This adorable bear cub will be the sweetest trick-or-treater in the pack.

A baby animal always makes you go, "Awww" and this cute Halloween costume is no exception. Dress up a simple cream sweatsuit with a few sewn embellishments to create a sweet look. If you don't have a sewing machine, don't worry! You can hand-sew the seams to create the look. All you'll need is a needle and thread. Drape and tie the faux-fur collar over a shirt, pull on the faux-fur shoe covers, and add the finishing touch with easy sew ears attached to a headband. Just like that, your little cub is ready to prowl.

toddler girl white bear costume front
Nicole Gerulat

How to Make a Bear Costume for Halloween

Supplies Needed:

  • Printable baby bear patterns
  • 1 yard of cream faux fur
  • 1/4 yard contrasting cotton fabric
  • Two 19-inch lengths of 1/2 -inch-wide gold velvet ribbon
  • Cream sewing thread
  • Sewing needle
  • Polyester fiberfill
  • 1/4 yard of cream felt
  • Plastic headband
  • Hot-glue gun and glue sticks
  • Cream shirt
  • Cream leggings
  • Large safety pin
  • Two 5-inch lengths of 1/4-inch-wide white elastic
  • Tan boots

Step-by-Step Directions

Only three steps and a few supplies are needed to make an unbearably adorable kid's Halloween costume.

DIY bear costume labels illustration
Illustration by Merrilee Liddiard

Step 1: Make the Collar

Trace a collar pattern onto folded cream faux fur; cut out. Trace a collar pattern onto folded contrasting cotton fabric for lining; cut out. Pin collar pieces with right sides together. Insert gold ribbon (from $2, Etsy) lengths between the layers at the neck opening. Catching the ribbon ends in the seam, sew together using a ¼-inch seam allowance and leaving a 1½-inch opening along one side. Turn collar right side out; hand stitch opening closed.

Step 2: Make the Ears

Trace two outer ear patterns onto cream faux fur; cut out. Trace two inner ear patterns onto contrasting cotton fabric; cut out. Make two small folds in the center of the straight edge of an inner ear, creating a small dart as indicated on the pattern; pin. With right sides together, pin together an inner and outer ear. Sew together, leaving the straight edge open. Turn right side out. Stuff with polyester fiberfill ($6, Walmart); stitch the opening closed. Repeat for the second ear. Cut two 1-inch-wide strips from cream felt. Wrap the strips around the headband at desired ear locations; secure the strips to the headband with hot glue. Hot glue an ear to each felt strip.

toddler girl white bear costume back
Nicole Gerulat

Step 3: Make the Tail and Feet

Trace two tail patterns onto cream faux fur; cut out. Pin tail pieces with right sides together. Sew around tail; leave bottom edge open. Turn right side out. Stuff tail with polyester fiberfill; sew opening closed. Pin the tail to the back of the costume leggings. Trace two foot patterns onto cream faux fur; cut out. Trace six claw patterns onto cream felt ($10, Michaels); cut out. Glue three claws to the underside of the curved edge of each foot. At each side of the heel, sew an elastic length, making a loop; repeat for second foot. Loop elastic around boots.

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