Make a Woodland Sprite Kid's Halloween Costume

Delight your Tinkerbell fan with her own fairy rendition that makes her the queen of the butterfly forest.

What You Need

  • Heavyweight floral wire and wire cutters
  • Fabric-covered headband
  • Two 2-x-4-3/4-inch sheer butterflies on clips
  • 1 spring silk flower garland
  • Glue gun and hotmelt adhesive
  • Green cotton jersey bolero and elastic-waist skirt
  • Fabric glue
  • Nylon tulle: 2 yards each of dark, medium, and light pink and green

Download Woodland Sprite Pattern

How to Make It

  1. Cut a 20-inch length of floral wire; fold in half. Tightly twist the wires together 3 to 4 inches from the center fold. Position the twisted wire over the top of the headband; wrap the untwisted wire around the headband to secure.
  2. Repeat with a second 20-inch length of wire, twisting the wires together 2 to 3 inches from the center fold.
  3. Clip a butterfly to the end of each twisted wire.
  4. Hot-glue a short length of silk flower garland to the top of the headband, covering the wire wraps.
  5. Lay the bolero flat; place paper inside to prevent glue from bleeding through. Glue flower garland along the neck and center frond edges of the bolero; let dry.
  6. Work with one color of tulle at a time to make the skirt. Fold one piece in half lengthwise with the fold at the top. This folded edge will be at the waist of the skirt. Fold the length of tulle widthwise in half, quarters, and then eighths. Using the diagram as a guide, cut pointed petal tips. Adjust the length of the piece so it will extend 3 to 5 inches below the skirt.
  7. Unfold the tulle and sew a long gathering stitch close to the waistband fold. Pull the threads to gather the tulle until it fits around the waistband of the skirt. Repeat for each piece of tulle.
  8. Stack the gathered tulle skirt pieces. Position the layered tulle skirt pieces on the skirt; pin in place.
  9. Sew the tulle pieces to the skirt, sewing atop the fathering line.
  10. Use fabric glue to attach the flower garland around the neck.


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