Make a Construction Boy Halloween Costume

No need for heavy construction here. Zip ties and hot glue easily attach the playful roads and trucks to an orange T-shirt uniform.

What You Need

  • Oversize orange T-shirt
  • Gray sweatshirt
  • Four 1-x-30-inch strips of 120-grit aluminum oxide sanding belt
  • 6 assorted lightweight plastic trucks
  • Plastic cable ties: orange and yellow
  • Glue gun and hotmelt adhesive
  • Two 9-inch squares of bright yellow foam core
  • Black permanent marker
  • Black duct tape
  • 8-inch square of green indoor/outdoor carpeting
  • Orange baseball hat
  • Child-size plastic soccer cone
  • Additional costume accessories: foam kneepads and child's leather work gloves

How to Make It

  1. Place the gray sweatshirt inside the orange T-shirt, lining up the seams and laying the garments flat.
  2. Position a sanding belt strip over one shoulder of the T-shirt for a road, angling the ends toward the center front and back of the shirt.
  3. To attach a vehicle, use a scissors to make a small hole through both garment layers on each side of the road. Thread a yellow cable tie through the holes and use it to secure the vehicle and road to the garments. Repeat to attach a belt over the remaining shoulder and one belt at each side of the T-shirt bottom, referring to the photo for vehicle placement. Trim the belts if necessary and use hot glue to secure the ends to the T-shirt.
  4. Round the corners of the yellow foam-core squares.
  5. Use the black permanent marker to draw a road-sign image on each foam-core square.
  6. Apply a strip of duct tape vertically on the back of each sign for reinforcement.
  7. Poke two holes an inch apart at the top and bottom of each sign.
  8. Plan the placement of the signs on the garment front and back and make holes through the garments to align with the holes in the signs. Secure the signs to the garment with orange cable ties.
  9. Place the carpet square on top of the baseball hat and position the cone on the carpet square.
  10. Use the scissors to make a set of holes 1 inch apart under a corner of the cone, cutting through both the carpet and the hat. Thread a yellow cable tie through the holes and use it to secure the cone and carpet on the hat. Repeat for each corner of the cone. Use the same technique to attach a vehicle to the hat brim.


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