As king of the neighborhood jungle, your lion will be the pride of the pride.

August 26, 2015

What You Need:

Trrrrrrick or Trrrrrreat!
  • 1/4 yard gold fleece material for stomach and ears
  • 4-1/2 yards orange nylon netting
  • 4-1/2 yards yellow nylon netting
  • 2 yards leatherette fringe trim
  • Hooded sweatshirts and pants, oatmeal color
  • Gloves, work or knit
  • Fiberfill stuffing


1. Download the free pattern for this project. (Downloading requires Adobe Acrobat software.)

Lion Costume pattern

Download Adobe Acrobat

2. Make midsection. For stomach, fold fabric in half, cut out half a pear shape (see Fig. 1 of downloaded pattern). Sew (or glue) tummy fur to front of sweatshirt, stuffing lightly as you go.

3. Make/attach ears. Cut out ears, fold in half, stuff and stitch (see Fig. 2). Sew to top of hood. As a quick option, glue or safety pin a single-layer ear to top of hood.

4. Make paws. For paws, cut hand-shape out of fleece or plush fur. Position over back of glove. Sew or pin to each finger 1/2 inch from tip, and sew along cuff edge. As options, add fun foam claws or glue leatherette fringe to cuffs of lion gloves.

5. Make mane. For the mane, cut two pieces of yellow netting and one piece of orange netting to 3-1/2 yards long by 30 inches wide. Cut each in a jagged pattern (see Fig. 3). Stack all 3 layers and run thread lengthwise through center. Pull to gather. Sew fringe around hood, going behind each ear. Use leftover yard of netting for lion tail.

6. Make tail. Cut out a fabric rectangle 3 to 4 feet by 7 inches. Fold in half and stitch along edge. Use 1 yard of netting for the tip of the lion's tail. Stuff. Attach tail on back of sweatshirt.


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