Lady Liberty Costume

Proclaim your liberty! This costume will make you the hit of the parade.


What You Need:

Be Lady Liberty for the night.
  • 1 size XL men's T-shirt (white)
  • 1 twin bedsheet (white)
  • 3 cans of gold spray paint
  • 1 can of teal spray paint
  • Flashlight


1. Holding the spray can about 10 inches away, paint one side of the sheet with gold paint. Turn the sheet over and paint the outside edge of the back side. Allow to dry.

2. Holding the can of teal paint about 16 inches away, spray randomly over the gold paint, avoiding distinct lines. Allow to dry.

3. Fold the sheet in half. Then fold the folded edge over by 1/3. Arrange the top 1/3 into folds; gather tightly at the end and secure it with a rubber band from the inside.

4. Paint the T-shirt as you did the sheet, including inside the sleeves. Paint the flashlight, lightweight poster paper, and poster board.

5. Cut a "flame" for the torch out of the poster paper; decorate it with marker.

6. Put the shirt on; roll the sleeves up. Drape the sheet over the T-shirt, securing with safety pins.


What You Need:

  • Rigid plastic foam ring (5-inch diameter on inside)
  • 5 sugar-style ice-cream cones
  • Aluminum foil
  • Glue
  • 12 x 12-inch piece of poster board
  • Black permanent marker
  • Lightweight poster paper


1. Hold an ice-cream cone to the inside of the foam ring; draw around the cone with a pencil. Using the pencil, dig a 1/4-inch deep groove into the marked line.

2. Put blue into the groove; stick the cone into the groove and hold until secure. Do this with four more cones, each about 3 inches apart.

3. Cover with foil (carefully). Paint.

4. Attach the crown to the child's head with hairpins, or cut a groove into the foam to fit.

5. With black marker, write JULY IV MDCCLXXVI on the painted poster board.


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