Knight in Shining Armor Costume

Make your trick-or-treater an adorable medieval-inspired Halloween costume, perfect for rescuing princesses and collecting candy! Use a few pieces of felt to transform store-bought sweats into the cutest (and easiest!) suit of armor ever. Plus, get our favorite kid's Halloween costume ideas.

This quick DIY costume is so adorable, you won't believe how easy it is. With some cleverly-snipped pieces of felt and a few easy stitches, a plain child-size sweat suit becomes a handsome suit of armor. In just minutes, your little one will be ready to fend off the dragons and defend the kingdom's candy supply!

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What You'll Need

  • Downloadable pattern
  • Dark gray hooded sweatshirt (with no zipper)
  • Dark gray sweatpants
  • Blue long sleeve T-shirt
  • Light gray, red and yellow felt
  • Light gray, red and yellow craft foam
  • Hot-glue gun and glue sticks
  • Needle and thread

How to Make It

Enlarge and trace the patterns onto paper and cut them out. This will be your pattern to trace onto the felt and foam. 

To make the knight's hood: The first thing every knight needs is his shining armor. Cut the hood off of the dark gray sweatshirt, leaving about three inches of extra fabric around the neckline to make the knight's helmet. 

To decorate the T-shirt: Instead of heavy armory, this knight's costume is made from a simple storebought T-shirt.

Cut the outer shirt shield from light gray felt. Cut the left inner shield from red and the right inner shirt shield from yellow felt.

Topstitch the outer shirt shield to the center front of the T-shirt. Place the inner shirt shield pieces on the outer shirt shield and topstitch the pieces in place using matching thread.

Take the costume up a notch by adding fringe around the bottom. Cut eight shirt fringe pieces from light gray felt. Arrange the fringe pieces evenly along the inside bottom hem of the T-shirt and pin in place. Sew a line ½ inch from the bottom hem using blue thread, catching each fringe piece in the stitching. 

To make the toy shield: Make a matching foam shield so your knight can protect the kingdom from dragons and wield off the candy-stealers. Cut the outer shield and the handle from light gray crafts foam. Cut the left inner shield from red crafts foam and the right inner shield from yellow crafts foam. Hot-glue the inner shield pieces to the center of the outer shield. Hot-glue each handle end to the back of the shield so the child can easily hold the shield and their trick-or-treat bag.  

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