Easy Kid's Clown Costume

You won't believe how easy this Halloween costume is - no clowning around! It all starts with a set of long underwear and some simple sewing. Plus, get our favorite kid's Halloween costume ideas.

A few whimsical embellishments on an ordinary set of children's long underwear makes this kid's costume so easy! Make the embellishments in your child's favorite colors to make the costume one-of-a-kind. The facepaint is optional but we think it makes the clown come to life! 

Get our easiest kid's Halloween costumes. 

What You'll Need

  • 40x18-inch piece of blue fabric
  • Blue thread and sewing needle
  • Two 12-inch pieces of blue ribbon
  • Blue yarn
  • Children's long underwear set
  • Yellow dot paint marker
  • Hat pattern
  • Yellow poster board
  • Hot-glue gun and glue sticks
  • Single-hole punch
  • 3 blue felt balls 

Step 1: Cut the Collar

To make the ruffled collar, fold the blue fabric in half lengthwise. An inch from the folded edge, sew a gathering stitch and leave the thread at the end. 

Step 2: Cinch Ruffles

Pull the end threads to gather the fabric. Stitch the neck edge to hold the gathers. 

Step 3: Add the Tie

Sew a piece of ribbon at each end. Make sure each piece is long enough to attach the collar. 

Step 4: Make the Poms

To make the blue yarn pom poms, wrap blue yarn around your hand several times. Slide off your hand and tie a piece of yarn tightly around the middle to secure. Cut the loops of yarn, and fluff into a pom-pom, trimming any long yarn ends for a uniform look. Hand-stitch the pom-poms to the shirt.

Step 5: Paint the Dots

Use the paint marker to decorate the long underwear. Add spots all over in a contrasting color, or switch it up by painting multicolor spots! 

Step 6: Make the Hat

Use the hat pattern to cut the hat out of poster board. Roll into a cone shape, overlapping the long edges. Hot-glue into place. Hot-glue the three blue felt balls to the front of the hat. Punch a hole along the bottom edge on each side and tie a piece of yarn through each hole. These strings will tie under the child's chin. 


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