This kids clothing company provides a personal 'costume helper' for your Halloween needs.

By Jenny Krane
Forget the expensive store-bought version—you can make this Poppy Troll costume with materials from Primary that your kid can wear again and again.
Image courtesy of Primary

You don't have to be a master sewer to make your kids personal Halloween costumes. Sure, it might be a little intimidating. But Primary, a kids clothing company, has become the Halloween solution for parents everywhere who are trying to DIY.

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Image courtesy of Primary

Primary has hundreds of costume ideas available on their site, including everything from animal costumes (we love the chicken and the koala) to food costumes (think La Croix or cotton candy). You can sort by last-minute costumes, no-sew, or costumes you can make together with your kids. All you need to do is purchase additional materials like colored felt, feathers, and buttons to complete the outfit. 

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Here's the best part—you can get personal DIY help from a Primary representative over the phone, over text, through email, or through Instagram. Their Halloween Costume Concierge service has representatives to help with basic questions (like where to buy certain supplies or what type of glue to use). If you have a more complex question, you will be rerouted to a senior design expert. How's that for making it easy to DIY?

Primary helpline: 1-800-DIYEASY


Instagram: @primarydotcom



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