How to Make a Bewitchingly Easy Kid’s Witch Costume

This adorable DIY witch Halloween costume is so easy you'll think it's magic! All it takes is our free pattern and a few simple sewing techniques.

Come trick-or-treat time, the neighbors will think you spent hours hand-sewing this adorable hat and dress. Trick's on them! Our costume patterns and instructions make this DIY costume for kids so quick and easy. Brush up on your basic sewing skills, then adjust the measurements as needed for any age child—or adult!

little girl dressed in a homemade halloween costume of a gray dress and black witch hat and witch broom
This witch Halloween costume is a time-honored favorite.

How to Make a DIY Witch Costume

Supplies Needed

  • Two 31x20-inch pieces of linen fabric (amount will vary by size of the child)
  • 20x20-inch piece of contrasting fabric
  • Sewing needle and thread
  • 1 yard string
  • ¾ yard of black felt
  • Black headband
witch costume step 1

Step 1: Cut the Dress

Enlarge and trace the pocket pattern onto paper and cut out. Cut two pockets from the contrasting fabric for this witch Halloween costume. Then sew the pockets onto one piece of linen fabric (for the dress), leaving edges raw.

witch costume step 2

Step 2: Sew the Dress

With right sides facing, sew linen dress pieces together down the sides. Starting at the top, stitch for 4 inches, then skip 5 inches unsewn for armholes. Sew the remainders of sides together.

Beginner's tip: "Right sides" refers to the side of the fabric you'll want to see on the outside of the garment when you are finished. What becomes the inside is called the "wrong sides."

Step 3: Add the Hem

Fold the top of the dress over 1 inch to the wrong side of the fabric (meaning you should now see 1 inch of the right side of the fabric). Sew along the fold (what we will refer to as casing), close to the raw edge. Leave a 2-inch unstitched opening. Turn dress right side out. Lace string through the casing. This will help size the dress to fit.

witch costume step 5

Step 4: Check the Size

Have the child put on the dress and gather the string to cinch the dress top. Tie the string to secure. Keep the dress loose and flowy. We also kept the hem unfinished for a spooky-cute finish.

witch costume step 7

Step 5: Make the Hat

Enlarge and trace the hat and hat brim patterns onto paper and cut out. Cut hat and brim from black felt. Sew the long sides of the hat together. Turn right side out, and cut slits to make tabs along the bottom edge of the hat. Place brim over the hat, sew the brim to the hat tabs, then sew a black headband inside the bottom of the hat.

witch costume step 6

Step 6: Make the Broom

Choose a stick that is fairly straight without branches; you'll want it to be about the same height as your child. Gather straw around the end of a stick. Wrap pumpkin-color yarn tightly around the straw to hold in place. For a sturdier DIY witch broomstick, use twigs and twine instead—you can even use it as a Halloween front porch decoration when you're not using it as part of the costume.

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