Broccoli Costume

It's the revenge of the veggies -- be a bad broccoli this Halloween.

What You Need:

Beware! A rotten broccoli is onthe prowl.
  • 2 green foam water noodles
  • Green sweatshirt and pants
  • Wide-brimmed sun hat
  • Two 27-inch lengths of ribbon
  • Light and dark green craft foam


1. To make the broccoli stems, first cut the water noodles in half. Then trim the top of the stems into points. Save the cut-away sections to make small stems that can later be glued to the base of the hat brim.

2. Position the stems on the front of the sweatshirt, placing two on either side of the zipper. Hot-glue an end of each ribbon onto side of sweatshirt, about halfway between armpit and bottom. Hot glue water noodles in place.

3. To make the broccoli flowers, trim off the top of the foam sheets in a wavy line. Accordion-fold the flat edge of the foam back and forth, as if you are making a fan. Staple each fold together along the flat edge leaving the wavy top edge open. Continue making different sized light and dark green florets.

4. Arrange the finished florets along the flipped-up hat brim, top of the hat, and over the shoulders of the sweatshirt. Hot-glue them in place.

5. After you've zipped the sweatshirt, bring the ribbons across the front of the stems and tie them together in a bow.


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