How to Make an Adorable Beaver Costume Your Kid Will Love

Turn your favorite trick-or-treater into a woodland creature with our how-to instructions—and get more ideas for easy kids’ Halloween costumes.

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Adding felt to a store-bought sweatsuit makes for a seriously easy kid's costume. Use our pattern to create perfectly-shaped pieces and stitch them onto the sweatshirt—and you're done. Also, you can hot-glue the felt, rather than stitching, for an even faster costume fix.

Get more inspiration for easy kid's costumes!

What You'll Need

  • Brown hooded sweatshirt (with zipper)
  • Brown sweatpants
  • Felt: light brown and dark brown
  • White kitchen sponge
  • Brown craft paint and paintbrush
  • Craft foam: black and white
  • Disappearing-ink fabric pen
  • Hot-glue gun and glue sticks
  • Black permanent marker and ruler

How to Make It

Enlarge and trace the patterns onto paper and cut out.

To make the body: Cut one belly and the reverse from light brown felt. If you're using a pullover sweatshirt without a zipper, you can trace both pieces and cut them out as one single piece. Sew the belly pieces to the front of the sweatshirt, aligning the straight edges just above the waistband and the long straight edges on either side of the zipper.

Woodland Pal

To make the face: Cut two outer ears from a white kitchen sponge. Paint with brown craft paint and let them dry.

Cut the cheeks and two inner ear pieces from light brown felt. Cut the nose and two pupils from black crafts foam. Cut two eyes and the teeth from white crafts foam.

Hot-glue the teeth along the top center hem of the sweatshirt hood, so they extend past the hem.

Hot-glue the nose atop the center of the cheeks. Hot-glue cheeks to the hood so they overlap the teeth. Glue a pupil to the center of each eye and hot-glue the eyes to the sweatshirt hood above the cheeks.

Hot-glue an inner ear to each outer ear and then hot-glue the ears to the sweatshirt hood above the eyes and slightly to the sides.

To make the tail: Cut two tail pieces from dark brown felt. Using a black permanent marker and a ruler, draw a grid of diagonal lines that are spaced 1 ¼ inches apart on each tail piece. Using a ¼-inch seam allowance and with the right sides facing one another, sew the tail pieces together, leaving the straight edge open.

Turn the tail right side out. Sew the straight tail edge to the inside back of the sweatpants' waistband.

Halloween Tricks and Treats, Costumes

Complete the look with a pair of brown shoes. Get creative with your treat bag and use woodgrain paper—without the sawdust mess.

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