Banana Split Costume

Slip on a tempting banana split costume.


What You Need:

Show up as a cool dessert for a freaky party.
  • Yellow leggings or pants
  • Six 12 x 18-inch yellow craft foam sheets
  • 6 floral wire stems


1. For banana peels, rim the yellow foam sheets into ovals with one flat end. Hot-glue the flat ends of three pieces one inch below the inside of the waistband -- one on each side of the front panel and one across the back.

2. Glue two floral wires down the length of each banana piece. Glue the remaining banana pieces over the first three -- sandwiching the wires in between the layers -- one inch below the outside of the waistband.


What You Need:

  • White sweatshirt
  • 1 bag of quilt batting
  • Green and pink chenille stems and pom-poms
  • 1 spool of iridescent ribbon


1. Hot-glue strips of batting around the outside of the sweatshirt to make the whipped cream. Glue 8-inch batting strips around the base of the sweatshirt. As you move up the shirt, gradually decrease the width of the batting pieces to only 3 inches wide around the neck.

2. Wrap iridescent ribbon between the layers of batting. Hot-glue the ribbon in place every 6 inches.

3. To make sprinkles, fold chenille stems in thirds. Hot-glue the chenille sprinkles and pom-poms on the front and back of the shirt.


What You Need:

  • White hat
  • 1 large plastic foam ball
  • 1 bag red Crayola Model Magic
  • 1 large red chenille stem


1. Make the bottom of the cherry by cutting a 1/2-inch section off the plastic foam ball. At the top, push a hole into the center of the ball. Use your fingertips to compress the plastic foam around the top hole into a cherry shape.

2. Cover the plastic foam ball with a thin layer of red Model Magic. Leave the flat bottom uncovered. Smooth any bumps in the compound with your fingertips.

3. Bend the red chenille stem in half. Push the ends of the stem into the center hole while the compound is wet. Let dry. Glue the bottom of the cherry to the top of the hat.

4. Wrap batting, ribbon, chenille stems, and pom-pom leftovers around the hat's brim and hot-glue them in place.


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