Make this Sweet and Simple Halloween Cake Costume

Sugar and spice and everything nice—that's what this DIY Halloween costume is made of! This homemade costume is just as sweet as it looks. 

This homemade costume looks intimidating, but it's actually pretty straightforward! Cardboard cut-outs form an oversize cake, and paint and felt balls create a delicious frosting look on this party-ready costume. Top it off with a cake hat—which cleverly serves as the cake's top tier. We'll show you how easy it is to put it all together. 

  • Working Time 3 Hours
  • Start to Finish 3 Hours
  • Difficulty         Projects Kind of Easy

What you need


  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • Utility knife


  • Free Pattern
  • Cardboard
  • Acrylic paint
  • Cardstock
  • Felt poms
  • Plastic headband
  • Glitter
  • 1" wide Elastic, 1 yard

How to do it

Part 1 Make the Cake

Before you begin the cake costume, download our free printables. They'll help you put the costume together more easily!

Step 1 Cut the Cardboard

To assemble the cake, cut a 20-inch-diameter circle from cardboard—this will be the top of the cake. Cut a 12-inch-diameter hole through the center of the circle, creating a large ring. Then, cut an 11 1/2 x 62-inch rectangle from cardboard; this will form the cake's side.

Step 2 Glue, Set, Paint

Gently bend the rectangle to fit around the cut out ring; hot glue the edges together. We recommend working with the ring down on a surface.You may want to clip or set the cardboard against something while you work around the ring, or have someone hold the shape while you work. If you're working solo, use duct tape to hold it in place! Once the glue has set, paint the cake side and top pink; let dry.

Step 3 Decorate the Cake

Use the cake patterns to trace 16 cake scallops onto cardboard, then cut them out and paint the scallops white; let dry. Trace 8 cake arcs onto yellow cardstock and cut out. Hot-glue dried scallops and arcs to the cake side. Finish decorating by hot-gluing wool-felt balls or poms around the top edge of the cake. 

Part 2 Make the Cake Hat

Add an adorable candle-topped hat to your cake costume, using our free pattern!

Step 1 Cut Hat Form

To assemble the cake hat, cut a 6-inch-diameter circle from cardboard for the hat top, then cut a 3 1/2 x 23-inch rectangle from cardboard for the cake hat side. Gently bend the rectangle to fit around the cut circle, just like with the main cake. Hot glue the edges together. Once the glue has set, paint the cake side and top pink and let dry.

Step 2 Decorate the Hat

Trace 7 hat scallops onto cardboard, then cut out and paint. Attach the scallops and wool-felt balls to the cake hat the same way you decorated the cake. If needed, trim the scallops to fit evenly around the hat. Insert the plastic headband into the hat opening and hot glue it to secure, using your child's head as a guide. All that's left to make is the candles! 

Part 3 Make the Candles

Finish off this sweet cake costume with a few candles and elastic straps.

Step 1 Cut Candles

Cut five 6-inch squares from white cardstock and paint pink diagonal lines on each rectangle; let dry. Roll the cardstock into a cylinder, and glue the ends together to make a candle. Trace the candle flame five times onto cardboard and cut out. Brush crafts glue onto candle flames and sprinkle them with gold glitter; shake off excess and let dry. Glue a flame to the top of each candle, then glue four candles around the edge of the cake and one candle onto the center of the cake hat. 

Step 2 Add Elastic Straps

To finish the costume, cut four 1-inch-long slits an inch in from the opening of the cake top. Knot one end of the elastic and push the other end up through one slit. Thread the elastic through the rest of the slits in a crisscross fashion, forming an x across the opening; knot the end on the underside of the top to secure the straps. Help your child put the costume on by slowly lowering the costume over the child's head—this costume is Halloween party-ready!

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