Halloween Babies & Kids Costumes

Skip the Halloween costume store and dress your little one in a Halloween costume you make yourself. We have countless ideas for homemade Halloween costumes for kids of all ages (from babies and toddlers to elementary school-age kids), including projects that require little to no sewing and costume ideas for a group of kids. Our easy-to-make kids' Halloween costumes are creative takes on classic ideas -- turn your kid into a rock star, artist, mad scientist, and more with just a few simple steps. If you want to fashion a creative costume (and have a bit of time to sew), check out more Halloween kids' costumes, where we show you how to sew cute and clever costumes for your little ones, including an ice cream cone costume, a baby bird costume, and a candy machine costume. For tiny toddlers, our baby mermaid costume is perfect for anyone who wants to live under the sea. If you're still looking for kids' costume ideas, we have detailed instructions for any costume you or your child can think up, including a construction costume, an adorable bird costume, and a caveman costume.

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Make an Easy Leafy Tree Costume

This adorable kid's tree costume is so easy – and will save you some serious green this year! All it takes is a few felt embellishments to turn a store-bought sweatsuit into the cutest tree Halloween costume. Plus, get more of our best kid's Halloween costumes.
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Make This Adorable Twinkling Star Costume

Be a shining star with this easy DIY Halloween costume. Plus, get more of our favorite inexpensive kid's Halloween costume ideas.
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This Kids Witch Costume Is Bewitchingly Easy

This adorable DIY witch Halloween costume is so easy you'll think it's magic! All it takes is our free pattern and a few simple sewing techniques. Plus, get our favorite easy kid's Halloween costume ideas.
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Make an Easy Elephant Costume

This might just be the cutest and easiest animal Halloween costume you'll ever make! This DIY elephant costume is cute as can be—just don't count on your child trick-or-treating for circus peanuts instead of candy! Plus, get more of our favorite kid's Halloween costume ideas.
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No-Sew Beautiful Bird Costume

This no-sew DIY bird costume could not be cuter—or easier! Make your own adorable feathered outfit with things you probably have lying around the house. Plus, we're also sharing more ideas for easy Halloween costumes.
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How to Make an Adorable Beaver Costume

Turn your favorite trick-or-treater into a woodland creature. A few felt embellishments turn an inexpensive child's sweat suit into the cutest beaver Halloween costume and our how-to instructions make it so easy! Plus, get more ideas for easy kid's Halloween costumes.
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