Spellbinding Black-and-White Halloween Decorations

Deck out your home with Halloween decorations in a stark black-and-white color scheme. Complete with spooky decor including silhouettes, cats, and bats.

Haunting Silhouette

Choose a large white pumpkin free of blemishes with a relatively flat side. Clean pumpkin and use a black marker to write scrawling words and phrases. To create a creepy silhouette, print a face profile and cut it out. Use a pencil to trace around the cutout image on your pumpkin. Paint the silhouette black and spray with varnish to set the paint.

Trick or Treat Couch Pillow

This white pillow with black trim adds a simple accent to a Halloween party room decked out in black-and-white decorations. Adhere stencil letters to a white decorator pillow using stencil adhesive, and apply black fabric paint with a stencil brush. Spell out a Halloween message with the letters, changing the font on one word to make it pop.

Inviting Front Stairs Halloween Decoration

While the phrase is inviting, the Halloween font gives this greeting an eerie overture. Guests and costumed kids will ascend the stairs with trepidation, unsure if they will get a trick or a treat.

Beautiful Black-and-White Pumpkin

If you can't find a white pumpkin, paint an orange one with several coats of white latex paint (let dry between coats). Use an artist's brush and black acrylic paint or a paint pen to freehand-paint or stencil a simple design.

Hanging Halloween Plates

Skeletal and anatomical illustrations may look more at home in Dr. Frankenstein's lab than in your home. But at Halloween, they can conjure up suspicions that a new experiment is at work in your home. Print images of copyright-free clip art, then decoupage them onto inexpensive plates and bowls. Hang the serving pieces on the wall with removable, adhesive-backed, picture-hanging strips to avoid making nail holes for this seasonal display.

Elegant Painted Pumpkins

Ghostly white pumpkins are adorned with black high-gloss paint and an inscription to frighten even the bravest of souls. Use adhesive letters to spell out your message. The pumpkin ribs are accentuated with black ribbon attached with pearl-head pins.

For the silhouette pumpkin, print a face profile and cut it out. Use a pencil to trace around the cutout image on your pumpkin. Paint the silhouette black. Spray with varnish to set the paint. Cut a length of black lace to encircle the silhouette, then pin it in place with pearl-head pins.

Going Batty Sconce

This shelf-bracket-turned-sconce will shed new light on your nocturnal ways. A poster board bat supported by a dowel takes flight from the bracket. Dim the lights and let the candlelight glow to set a moody vibe.

Editor's Tip: Never leave a lit candle unattended.

Spooky Family Tree

Plant a spooky family tree in your living room. Download our free tree silhouette pattern, enlarge to size, and trace onto a large piece of black paper. Cut out and hang on the wall with tape. Find clip art silhouettes on the Internet and print on white cardstock to hang in the tree.

Hanging Bat Pumpkins

Give the illusion of bats flying in the night with this fast Halloween decoration. Paint silhouettes of black bats on white pumpkins using our free pattern as a template. Suspend the mini pumpkins from garden hooks with heavy rope, and watch your flock of bats take flight.

Spooky Skull Arrangement

Ditch the typical flowers-in-a-vase arrangement for this easy yet creepy decoration. Arrange miniature skulls in a hurricane vase and adhere a black scrapbooking sticker or die-cut to the outside. (Ours are Fancy Felt Matties from primamarketing.com.)

Halloween Linens

Bone-chilling napkins are a must-have for your Halloween table. Inexpensive cloth napkins lend the look of fine linens but are taken from elegant to eerie with Halloween iron-on clip art.

Gothic Flower Arrangement

Flowers take a dark turn when arranged in a vase adorned with black licorice. The easy-to-assemble decoration will look lovely yet foreboding on a Halloween table.

Black Dishes Shelf Display

Create a dark and gloomy look on your bookshelves reminiscent to similar to haunted house finds. Paint vases, urns, and other dishes with matte black spray paint and display on shelves.

Editor's Tip: Do not spray-paint any surfaces that will come in direct contact with food.

Spooky Mantel Display

Spending a chilly fall day curled up in front of the fireplace is typically enjoyable, but you may want to think twice about that with a fireplace is as spooky as this. Black candles, a faux raven, tarnished silver accessories, and a skull under a glass cloche all stand on display on this wooden mantel. The vignette is swathed in icky spiderwebs, which are actually white pantyhose that have been cut, ripped, stretched, and held into place with putty-like tacky wax.

Editor's Tip: The key to realistic cobwebs is in the stretching. Whether you're using faux webbing or white pantyhose, keep pulling until virtually every strand is visible.

Halloween Greeting Throw Pillow

Transform a black pillow with sequined letter appliques for a glamorous Halloween greeting.

Creepy Destination Suitcase Labels

Gotham, Transylvania Station, and Sleepy Hollow aren't popular vacation spots. But souvenir stickers from these locales are a Halloween hit. Create your own suitcase labels by hand or on the computer. Embellish an old black traveling case with the labels. Friends will think a globe-trotting ghost has come for a visit to your house.

Fireplace-Match Holder Party Favors

Scrapbooking pages turn fireplace-match holders into bewitching party favors or hostess gifts. Use a glue stick to adhere paper, then decorate with stickers, ribbons, or strips of matching paper.

Black-and-White Halloween Table

Who says a Halloween gathering has to feature the color orange? Black teams with white on this table to give a touch of sophistication. A pop of lime green in the center adds autumn-inspired grace.

Do-it-Yourself Halloween Plates

Instead of splurging on holiday-only dishes, cast a peel-and-stick spell on plain stemware and plates. Spider stickers give goblets and salad plates a punch of pattern. Packing tape (who knew it came in embellished rolls?) makes a graphic border on dinner plates; cut strips to the desired width and press onto each dish. When the party is over, simply peel off the embellishments.

Creepy Chandelier Napkin Rings

When you're on the hunt for ways to give your house a haunting ambiance, take note of the decorative doodads in crafts stores. Dangling from satin ribbon, these felt chandeliers -- perhaps intended as gift-bag embellishments -- used as napkins rings fit right in with the silhouette theme and table decor.

Spooky Pumpkin Decoration

Simple accents make a big statement. Top a stark white pumpkin with an old black top hat, pen a spooky name across the pumpkin, and let visitors' minds conjure up images.

Halloween Gallery

For Halloween season artwork, frame silhouettes of ravens, bats, and other spooky creatures. Search the Internet for photos, then print, trace onto black paper, and cut them out. Frame in an inexpensive black picture frame and use scrapbooking paper as a mat.

Shrunken Heads Framed Halloween Decoration

Smiling black-and-white shrunken heads grin from inside a shadow box. The creepy trinkets are made from clay and a crackle faux finish. Display your shadow box with a skeleton arm reaching around the front.

Mouse Chase Cutouts

There's no waiting till the midnight hour for these little critters to make their presence known. Scattered along a stair landing, these cardstock cutouts will make guests' skin crawl. With a feline in pursuit, a game of cat and mouse ensues.

Scary Silhouettes

Mysterious and even a bit eerie, silhouettes are a perfect backdrop for a whodunit party. Frame a montage inspired by creepy TV family, The Munsters, with enlarged images from a clip art book. If you like, vary the portrait pool. Spiders, crows, and bats also make great specimens.

Witch at the Window Silhouette

This witch creeping in your front window gives the impression of a haunted house. The silhouette implies that something sinister is going on. Download our free pattern, enlarge to desired size, trace onto heavy black crafts paper. Cut out the silhouette and adhere to window with double-stick tape.

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