31 Quick and Clever Centerpieces to Help You Win Halloween

black spiderweb tablecloth table with candle and branch centerpiece
Photo: Jason Donnelly

Although we'll never abandon the classics of Halloween decor like jack-o'-lanterns and dangling ghosts, we also love the idea of a customized Halloween tablescape that coordinates with the theme of your party or the style of your home. Sift through these Halloween centerpiece ideas to find the inspiration for your own spooky holiday table. From elegant to quirky, there's a scheme to fit your style of celebrating.

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Something's Brewing

wooden table with festive halloween centerpiece on black table runner
Adam Albright

A table that seats 16 requires a big, bold centerpiece. Start with a black table runner and cauldron, then add coordinating stems from the crafts store. Witch hats, crows, and candles complete the look.

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Ombré Pumpkin Display

Ombre Pumpkin Display
Jacob Fox

Who says Halloween is only for kids? Invite your girlfriends over for a fun brunch celebration, complete with eye-popping ombré pumpkins and a painted burlap runner. These bright colors stand out on a plain white table adorned with spooky faux spiders and spiderweb-inspired place settings.

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Just Peachy

warm hued fall decorated table with pumpkins and dried greenery
Jason Donnelly

This table makes Halloween an elegant affair with its raw raffia and salmon-color placemats, peach plates, and brass vases. Ivory netting and an array of pumpkins send the fall hues down the center of the table, while black crows and witch hats disrupt the soothing fall palette for a bit of unsettling appeal.

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Bucket of Pumpkins

Green pumpkins cauldron googly eyes
Jason Donnelly

This simple centerpiece is easy to whip up before a party—and it's delightfully inexpensive! Grab a black plastic cauldron from your local party supply store and fill it with mini pumpkins. To match the centerpiece to your Halloween party theme, spray-paint pumpkins (real or faux) in coordinating colors and attach embellishments like these fun monster eyes.

Editor's tip: You don't have to fill the entire plastic cauldron with pumpkins! Stuff crumpled newspaper into the bottom and place a few pumpkins on top.

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Creepy Candle Display

Creepy Candle Display
Adam Albright

Bright orange Halloween decorations aren't a prerequisite for a fantastically festive display. A collection of moss, bones, and vintage candlesticks will do the trick. Hit the thrift store for mismatched candle stands, then line them up along the center of the table. Fill in the gaps with spooky accessories.

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Naturals and Neutrals

fall decorated table space pampas grass center
Jay Wilde

Feathery plumes of wheat-tone pampas grass are the star attraction of this formal dining table. The neutral elements, including pumpkins and chunky candlesticks, can stay out all fall long, while a gold spider, black-and-white check runner ($6, Target), and matching pumpkins make a classy nod to spooky season.

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Eye Candy

glitter paper bats and green plate table setting with pumpkin candies
Jason Donnelly

Stagger bowls of seasonal candy down the center of the table for a bold (and tasty!) Halloween centerpiece. Vary the types of candy, and add in larger pieces (like spooky edible eyeballs and plastic bats or bugs) to make the whole arrangement stand out.

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Crepe Paper Pumpkins

diy pumpkins craft with crepe paper
Matthew Clark

Create a gorgeous (and budget-friendly!) Halloween centerpiece by covering papier-mâché pumpkins with crepe paper party streamers. Use a homemade bleach mixture to give your crepe paper a unique pattern before attaching the streamers to the pumpkins. Arrange on a large tray and accessorize with leaves, pinecones, or other fall accessories to complete your display.

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Paper Pumpkins

muted colored honeycomb paper pumpkin table centerpiece
Greg Scheidemann

Sometimes there's room for lots of style but only one star. A display of honeycomb paper pumpkins fills the center of this muted table. Their oversize scale and shades of brown and orange contrast with the simplicity of the black hammered plates. Green and gray paper leaves serve as a subtle accent.

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Skull Centerpiece

Top view of table with Halloween-themed food
Marcus Nilsson Inc.

Voilà! You can create this easy Halloween party centerpiece just like that. Simply place a faux skull in the center of your table and surround it with black rubber snakes and faux spiders.

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Jack-o'-Lantern Halloween Centerpiece

Jack-o'-Lantern Halloween Centerpiece
Alexandra Grablewski

Miniature jack-o'-lanterns make a big impact when arranged on footed cake stands and displayed on a vintage tray. Place battery-powered candles ($27, The Home Depot) inside each hand-carved pumpkin, and let your guests enjoy the glow.

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Monotone Magic

black spiderweb tablecloth table with candle and branch centerpiece
Jason Donnelly

A lacy spiderweb tablecloth serves as an elegant backdrop for an all-black grouping of functional pieces, such as matte black plates and gold-and-black flatware. Branches stretch down the center of the table and surround an assortment of candlesticks in varying heights and votives wrapped in lace. The flickering candlelight adds sparkle to the gloomily chic scene.

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Mini Pumpkin Centerpiece

Pumpkins and flowers on white plate
Kritsada Panichgul

It's no secret that Halloween decor can go from trendy to tacky in the blink of an eye. But this floral fall table centerpiece is simple and sophisticated, while still honoring the season. Just place small white pumpkins on a platter and accent with bittersweet branches and seasonal flowers.

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Spooky Halloween Terrarium

fall pumpkin outdoor terrarium
Andy Lyons

Put a spooky, kid-friendly spin on a trendy terrarium by filling a glass jar with rocks, dried moss, twigs, and soil. Finish by topping this foundation with small pumpkins for a naturally pretty Halloween table centerpiece.

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Ghost Book Pop-Ups

Ghost Book Pop-Ups
Scott Little

A stack of old books elevates this spooky centerpiece. To make your own, cut two basic ghost shapes from pages in the middle of a book, leaving the bottoms attached to the pages. Fold up each ghost and secure with a touch of tape. To complete, use a hole punch or marker to add eyes to this haunting centerpiece.

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Pretty Pumpkins

orange floral stuffed pumpkin table centerpiece
Jason Donnelly

Pumpkins come in many hues, so let your picks dictate the color scheme of your Halloween centerpiece. Though this table surface is weathered with crackling paint, the flower arrangement is polished and pretty with blossoms poking out of a light-color pumpkin. The real shock comes from spiders that are spray-painted gold and scattered amongst the centerpiece.

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Halloween Glam

Halloween table setting candles pumpkins
Ann VanderWiel Wilde

A stunning display of black candles and gold votives gives this tablescape a sophisticated but spooky allure—perfect for a grown-up Halloween party. Add a mixture of metallic pumpkins and fuzzy faux spiders around the table to tie the look together.

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Skull Centerpiece

Black skull and goblet tray
Scott Little

Spray-paint Halloween props with black chalkboard paint for a frightening seasonal centerpiece. Fill the cauldron with a decorative bottle, handpicked beverage, or a tasty Halloween cocktail.

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Skull Planter

People enjoying Halloween-themed food display
Marcus Nilsson Inc.

A seasonal flower arrangement takes a skull vase from spooky to Halloween-chic. Surround the centerpiece with an assortment of black faux pumpkins or paint your own craft pumpkins with acrylic paint.

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Little Monsters Centerpiece

Halloween Monster Thread Spools
Jay Wilde

Create a kooky cast of characters for your dining room table. Use orange, black, white, and green spools of thread for the mini monster bodies, then add black felt cutouts for the eyes and mouths. Repurpose old jewelry boxes with scrapbooking or wrapping paper for fun pedestals for the spool monsters.

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Orange Flowers Centerpiece

Orange Flowers Centerpiece
Marty Baldwin

A footed white dish is both fancy and festive when filled with an array of orange-hued flowers. Use floral foam to hold the arrangement securely in place.

Editor's Tip: Slip a few black roses into the mix, or place miniature pumpkins at the base of the decoration—painted black if you'd like—to make the orange flowers really pop in this Halloween centerpiece.

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Halloween Glass Vases

Halloween Glass Vases
Scott Little

Glass block vases become one-of-a-kind Halloween centerpieces with die cuts and spooky scrapbook paper (available at crafts stores). Use spray adhesive to attach the papers, making sure to spray the back of the paper, not the glass, to avoid streaks. Place sand and tapered candlesticks inside the vase for a haunting glow.

Editor's Tip: Use clear plastic blocks in lieu of glass vases. Be sure to nix the candles or opt for battery-powered ones.

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Black-and-Orange Pumpkin Display

Black-and-Orange Pumpkin Display
Michael Partenio

Make a bewitching centerpiece with black-and-orange pumpkins. Carve out a large pumpkin to hold a vase, then spray-paint it with a black matte-finish paint. Once dry, scrape away the painted surface in lines or in the form of a sunflower or another design.

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Candleholder Goblets Display

Black candleholder goblets
Scott Little

Thrift-store glasses become centerpiece-ready with a coat of black spray paint. Choose textural goblets for the most detail, set them upside down to spray-paint, and place tape around the tops of some for a clear stripe. Touch up any edges with a black permanent marker after the goblets dry. Just don't drink out of these eye-catching cups—they're for display only!

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"Boo" Embroidery Hoop Centerpiece

"Boo" Embroidery Hoop Centerpiece
Scott Little

Basic embroidery hoops set a spooky scene on a Halloween table. To make, stretch black costume fabric or lace across the painted hoops; trim with extra fabric. Next, spray-paint planters for bases, then add enough floral foam inside to secure a painted dowel inserted in the middle. Finish with black-and-white patterned paper atop the planters and a hauntingly fun message spelled out with painted wooden letters. Use hot glue to secure the dowels and wooden letters.

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Candlestick Centerpiece

White pumpkins on black stands
Scott Little

Pumpkins painted white and covered in glitter stand out when placed on stark black stands. Add glitter using double-stick tape or an adhesive spray to achieve just the right amount of glitz for this Halloween candlestick centerpiece.

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Halloween Gourd Centerpiece

Halloween Gourd Centerpiece
Andy Lyons

Use rugged old cabinet legs as eye-catching bases for this Halloween gourd display. To add visual variety to this Halloween centerpiece, elevate some gourds and leave others on the table, and vary the size of the gourds, too.

Editor's Tip: Tie ribbon onto the bases in knots or bows if you want to inject color into this neutral centerpiece.

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Floral Jack-o'-Lantern Halloween Centerpiece

Floral Jack-o'-Lantern Halloween Centerpiece
Peter Krumhardt

A smiling jack-o'-lantern becomes the perfect Halloween vase when you place a container of water and flowers inside. A simple carving (or scraping) without cutting the typical wide mouth will help the inside container stay hidden. Use a white pumpkin and orange flowers for extra pop.

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Pumpkin-and-Candle Halloween Centerpiece

Candle and pumpkin decoration
Greg Scheidemann

Nuts, pumpkins, and a large candle dress up a small woven mat in this simple-yet-sophisticated Halloween centerpiece. Fallen leaves tucked into the display add natural fall flair to the decoration.

Editor's Tip: For a more kid-friendly version, use candies, painted pumpkins, and a battery-powered candle so curious fingers don't find a flame.

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Pumpkins on White Dishes

Pumpkins on White Dishes
Scott Little

Simple white dishes display multicolor pumpkins in this elegant Halloween centerpiece. Use footed bowls, small plates, and candlesticks at varying heights to create an eye-catching arrangement. Sprigs of fall flowers add dimension and color.

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Pumpkin Owl Centerpieces

Pumpkin Owl Centerpieces
Jay Wilde

Bring a few of these cute little owls inside to create a whimsical arrangement for your table. White pumpkins and sunflower seeds bring a rustic touch well-suited to a fall tablescape.

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