Spooky Decorations for Halloween

Mini Pumpkin Wreath On Door
Add a scary look to your home with these creative decorating ideas for Halloween.

Webbed Chandelier

Recycle an old umbrella as a haunting light fixture. Remove the fabric covering; stretch spider webbing over the ribs. Decorate with plastic spiders and battery-operated lanterns attached to the ribs with bent wire or S hooks. Tie rope around the handle, and hang from the ceiling with a plant hook or cup hook.

Spooky Cages

Stage birdcages as an eerie display guarded by a beady-eyed blackbird. Set the chilling scene with dried moss, gourds, twigs, and fake spiderwebs, bugs, and bats.

Batty Silhouettes

Haunt your house -- or at least your windows -- with paper bats flying every which way. Cut several sizes of bats from black poster board. Tape fishing line at different spots on the backs and head; hang the lines from a curtain rod or cup hooks.

Come Sit a Spell

Guests will feel right at home with this friendly invitation -- until they realize they've been bewitched! Use a spooky Halloween font like "Chiller" or "Jokerman" to stencil the words on wood-patterned paper. To decorate concrete steps, affix the phrase with double-stick removable poster tape. (NOTE: be sure to use outdoor paints for this project.)

Haunted Chair Covers

Create a spellbinding seating arrangement with a couple of simple inexpensive materials.

Creepy Coasters

With spiders dangling from the corners, these coasters dress up a Halloween table in style. They're crafted from black foam and paint-in-a-tube.

Halloween Is Soon

A natural twig wreath and a gazing ball transform an ordinary birdbath into a crystal ball on a stand.

Witchy Welcome Sign

Greet your Halloween guests in creepy style. Hanging from a witch's broom, these words of warning are perfect for the entrance of any house -- haunted or otherwise.

Cemetery Markers

Though you could create wood or foam grave markers, these pumpkin versions are infinitely more creative. Create a design on a computer, then print out and enlarge as needed before carving into a fresh or faux pumpkin.

Mummories Photo Album

Guests will shudder with delight when you snap their photograph during your annual Halloween party. Save the photos from year to year and showcase your collection.

Jack-o'-Lantern Pinata

Our cheerful pumpkin will be the star of your Halloween party -- especially when your guests discover that it's filled with holiday treats. Crafting the papier-mache shell is easy when you know our secret trick.

Halloween Eyeball Silverware

Watch what you say and what you do. When you eat with these weird utensils, all eyes are on you! The eerie orbs are readily available doll's eyes.

Fenced-In Centerpiece

Let a trip to a crafts store inspire ideas for a versatile centerpiece to carry you through the season. Use miniature fencing or a shallow basket to frame a "yard" of Spanish moss, small hay bales, and gourds. A black cat and ghoulish signs stake the territory at Halloween; turkeys can gobble up space later.

Scared Stiff

Line the stairs with orange pumpkins and pots of fall mums, then decorate the doors and windows with silly fabric ghosts.

The Witch Is In

No self-respecting witch goes anywhere without her broom. Let trick-or-treaters know she's home with a sign make from a precut wood plaque and a gold glitter paint pen. A ghoulish broom was created from green raffia or dried grasses attached to a weathered stick, and a cinch of leather.

Goody-Bearing Gourds

Dole out treats -- and tricks -- in eye-catching gourds. Use a rotary tool with router attachment, such as a Dremel tool, to cut a hole in a dried gourd. Clean out the inside, cleanse with bleach, and rinse. Place rub-on letters above the opening. Fill with wrapped candies and creepy surprises.

Beware the Pumpkins

Letters or words carved into your pumpkins send your guests a spooky message. Carve one letter or word per pumpkin.

Turn Back Now...

Easy letters carved into the surface of the pumpkins will cast an eerie glow on your steps at night.

Pumpkin Head Greeter

Our pumpkin head person was created with old clothes stuffed with fiberfill (or hay). The pumpkin head should be elevated on a pole or shelf so that the creature remains upright.

Mini Pumpkin Wreath

Greet trick-or-treaters with this pumpkin wreath. It's made using only a wire wreath form, miniature pumpkins, moss, and a bow.

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