Halloween Home Transformation in Black & White

Use San Diego decorator Simone Lagies' black-and-white ideas for transforming your home into a haunted house for Halloween.

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    Stark Inspiration

    Simone Lagies, shown with her cat Lucretia, says her dislike of the color orange once thwarted her Halloween decorating. But seeing a white pumpkin sparked the imagination of this San Diego artist and decorator. Using items she already had (such as old books, seashells, and glass cloches), Simone cast a Halloween decor spell in black and white. Her clever ideas are easy to duplicate in your own home.

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    A Not So Inviting Fire

    Any other time of year, you want your home to be welcoming. But at Halloween, go all out to scare those who dare to enter. Haphazardly arrange antiques and natural accents (bird's nests, coral, etc.) on the mantel. Then string spider webbing from floor to ceiling to give the impression the room was abandoned long ago.

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    Ancient Tomes

    Pick up old books at antiques stores and estate sales. Accent the books with towering candles that conjure up images of stormy nights with no electricity.

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    Reckless Abandon

    A sideboard looks eerily deserted when crisscrossed with spider webbing. Mismatched hardware and lamps outfitted with wire-only shades offer a quirky Halloween look.

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    Fireside Fright

    Vignettes are fun to design and easy to change. Behind the faux spiderweb, vintage-look books and a glass cloche with a blackbird add mystery to the scene.

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    Setting the Scene

    Don't have a white sofa? Cover your upholstered furniture in plain white sheets for a low-cost transformation. Then create a Halloween-worthy atmosphere using everyday items (such as candles, vases, and trays) as foundations for eerie accents.

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    Visual Feast

    Glass cloches offer a simple place to display your favorite creepy items. A fork in a pile of plastic party-favor eyeballs and a gigantic spider make ghoulish specimens.

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    Creature Invasion

    Incorporate creepy creatures throughout your space. Here, a silver spider makes its way across the coffee table and ravens keep watch from inside a glass cloche.

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    Bare-Bones Display

    The back of this cabinet was painted black to make it easy to see the bendable skeletons frolicking among the dishware.

    Tip: Don't want to paint the back of your cabinet? Simply cut black cardboard to fit.

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    Festive Towels

    Plain white dish towels get in the Halloween spirit with iron-on transfers. Find copyright-free clip-art, photocopy onto transfer paper, and iron the images onto a clean towel.

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    Boo Cards

    Flash cards propped in metal flower frogs and encased in footed apothecary jars send a spooky message.

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    Doomy Duos

    A pair of crows stands guard while a scary skeleton couple quietly rest nestled in a comfy backdrop of white linens.

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    Frightful Fangs

    Fangs, purchased at a costume store, sit in a glass toothbrush holder for a frightfully fun bathroom decoration.

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