19 Spooky Ideas for Your Home Inspired by Farmhouse Halloween Decor

Red front porch with variety of plants and pumpkins
Photo: Carson Downing

If farmhouse style had a favorite season, it would definitely be fall. Baskets full of mums and collections of locally-grown gourds pair perfectly on any porch. Toss in a few subtly spooky elements—like rustic broomsticks—and a few sweet touches—like buffalo check pumpkins—and you get a delightfully fresh take on farmhouse Halloween decor.

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Farmhouse Halloween Mantel

Living room witch decor above fireplace mantle
Jay Wilde

Let your mantel tell a scary story with a witch's silhouette decoupaged with newspaper on rustic wood planks. For an extra special touch, use the pages of an old horror novel, such as Bram Stoker's Dracula, to create the witch.

Continue the spooky look by decoupaging a few craft pumpkins with newsprint or book pages. Use rustic candlesticks you may already have to hold white painted pumpkins. Cotton bole garland brings in a natural farmhouse decor element.

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Outdoor Farmhouse Halloween Decor

Buffalo check pumpkin decor, rustic Halloween decor
Anthony Masterson

Buffalo check fabric is essential to any farmhouse-style home, but when you wrap it around soft-sided pumpkins, it's a Halloween treat. Using a galvanized bucket ($26, The Home Depot) to gather a collection of fabric-clad pumpkins is a quick win for a flawless farmhouse Halloween look. Then, add an eerie element with rustic broomsticks and a painted wooden sign.

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Campfire Pumpkin Display

stack of carved flame pumpkins framed by logs
Blaine Moats

Capture the nostalgic feel of a cozy campfire with carved pumpkins set inside a log circle. Add candles to the pumpkins in the evening (or use battery-powered lights to give the "fire" a realistic flicker) and invite friends to join you for ghost stories. Don't forget to bring some hot chocolate!

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Farmhouse Halloween Decor Front Door

Doorway with Halloween décor, rats, "Eek" wording
Adam Albright

In addition to fall decor favorites, such as corn stalks and decorative pumpkins, dress up your front door with a collection of creepy-crawly rats. Tuck them here and there for a spooky surprise at every turn. Wrap craft letters in twine for an easy farmhouse Halloween DIY project.

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Paint Farmhouse Halloween Pumpkins

gingham pumpkin
Carson Downing

Create the look of a gingham-wrapped pumpkin with paint. This farmhouse Halloween look is sweet, not scary. For best results, start with a white gourd and then add gray paint as instructed here.

Editor's Tip: You can also use a traditional orange pumpkin.

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Natural Farmhouse Halloween Decor

rustic doorway with wreath and pumpkins
Edmund Barr

Frame your door with beautiful elements found at a pumpkin patch or farmers market. Corn stalks add height and texture to this rustic door display. Stack white gourds (or pumpkins painted white) on an urn with a stake drilled through the center of the pumpkins, or glue them in place using natural fibers between each layer to hide the adhesive. Add pops of color with flowers in galvanized buckets. A twiggy wreath punctuates the farmhouse Halloween style.

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Farmhouse Halloween Doormat

halloween pumpkin outdoor mat
Carson Downing

Refresh your doorstep with a fall DIY doormat. Use an inexpensive plain coir doormat ($12, The Home Depot), our free stencils, and paint daubers to create this rustic Halloween decor. We opted to decorate ours with pumpkins and leaves, but you could make yours scarier with a ghost or witch stencil.

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Farmhouse Halloween Display

Black and White Halloween Party
Jay Wilde

Create a simple Farmhouse Halloween look with a black-and-white color palette. Spray paint craft letters to spell out a Halloween phrase. To recreate this look on a small shelf, try "BOO." Craft spooky spider webs with wood embroidery hoops painted black and wrapped in black yarn. Add plastic spiders to finish the look. Dress up the mantel with other black accents for a pulled-together style.

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Farmhouse Pumpkin Basket

wire pumpkin with fall gourds and decor
Adam Albright

Add a farmhouse touch to your Halloween front porch. Find a pair of matching wire baskets and fill them with small, colorful gourds. Secure the top basket to the bottom with wire. Use a hot glue gun ($13, Target) to attach felt to the basket to create the face and finish with a driftwood stem.

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Farmhouse Pumpkin Art

completed stick pumpkin piece leaning against wall with air plant in copper bowl
Alice & Lois

Craft your own rustic Halloween stick pumpkin. Start with a wooden backdrop like a box pallet or wood plaque. Paint or stain it as desired. Use a pencil to outline the shape of the pumpkin. Then gather and trim sticks to fit in the design. Adhere the sticks to the board with hot glue. Finish with a twine bow, or dress it up with a buffalo check bow.

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Floral Farmhouse Display

Outdoor décor with house number pumpkin and flowers
Jay Wilde

Create a pretty farmhouse Halloween display with lush florals in metal vases and buckets. Mix in wooden crates and an interesting assortment of pumpkins and other gourds. Paint your house numbers, or a fall message, on a large pumpkin to welcome guests to your doorstep.

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Farmhouse Pumpkin Display

Red front porch with variety of plants and pumpkins
Carson Downing

You can never have too many pumpkins in farmhouse Halloween decor. The key is to mix it up. Vary the size, shapes, and colors for interest. Consider painting a few with a gingham pattern to drive home the rustic charm. Metal accents and lanterns pair well with natural grasses, hay bales, and fall florals. Dress up a front bench with cozy throws and decorative pillows to create an inviting scene.

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Rustic Fall Farmhouse Elegance

Front porch with fall décor
Jacob Fox

Symmetry is beauty. For those who want a clean country look, use natural materials that are perfectly balanced on either side of the front door. Double doors beg for matching wreaths. Wooden planters flank the entrance and set the tone with tall grasses and flowers. Create a foundation for the look with hay bales ($10, Party City), oversized lanterns, and baskets of mums. Then fill in the fall front porch with an assortment of pumpkins.

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Farmyard Pumpkins

white pumpkins with crafted eyes
Jay Wilde

Use found objects like seeds, feathers, and nuts to transform small pumpkins into oh-so-cute critters. Make big-eyed owls or petite chicks and dress up your front step with a friendly array of farmyard friends.

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Farmhouse Halloween Chalkboard Sign

elegant farmhouse halloween chalkboard decorations
Jay Wilde

A large chalkboard with a wooden frame gives any home a dash of old-school charm. Add a sweet or spooky Halloween message for the season. It's easy to update as often as you'd like.

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Garden Fresh Halloween Decor

Front porch with wreath, pumpkins
Werner Straube

Harvest a lush look with decorative cabbage or kale tucked among a colorful display of pumpkins and fall florals. Metal containers give the scene a rustic farmhouse appeal. Vines holding small gourds on the railing give the impression that you're entering a thriving pumpkin patch.

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Rustic Etched Pumpkin

White pumpkins with floral etchings
Michael Piazza

For a simple, sophisticated look that works as well in the country as it does on a city stoop, etch a simple botanical shape into a pumpkin. To make the etched design really pop, paint the pumpkin white first. Then scrape into the flesh of the pumpkin to create your design.

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Personalized Pumpkins

Pumpkin with "Fall" spelled with silverware
Werner Straube

Grace a collection of pumpkins on the doorstep with your initials. For a no-carve pumpkin, monogram it with vinyl letters, paint, or try vintage silverware. Attach it using floral pins. If you're willing to dig in, carve the letters or etch them into the flesh of the pumpkin. Make it a family affair by letting everyone in the house create a personalized pumpkin.

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Pretty Etched Pumpkins

front steps with etched autumnal pumpkins
Adam Albright

Etched pumpkins with natural leaves and floral designs can carry your curbside design from Halloween through Thanksgiving. This sweet and subtle farmhouse look is right at home next to bright mums and flowering kale. Finish the carved pumpkins with a burlap bow.

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