Fall Decorating with Nature: Acorns & Leaves

The stylish simplicity of acorns and leaves inspires fresh fall decorating projects.

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    Acorn Picture Frame

    Spruce up an inexpensive crafts store frame by trimming it with acorn caps affixed with hot glue. An oak leaf and twig glued to a piece of stretched burlap make a fitting focal point.

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    Fall Table Setting

    For a fun fall table setting, stick to three colors. This table balances red with natural brown and bright turquoise. Remind people of the beautiful weather with elegant touches of nature, such as with a branchy centerpiece or acorn napkin rings.

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    Leafy Wall Art

    The majestic oak leaf provides the nuts and bolts of this dining scene. The wall art, a 30x48-inch image of a burnished pin oak leaf, is printed on canvas that's fitted around stretcher bars. Mount on a wall for a fun focal point.

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    Acorn Flower Arrangement

    For a bright bouquet, make a few flowers from acorns and put them in a fun vase with red leaves. See the next slide for directions.

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    Acorn Petals

    To make these cute blooms, drill a hole from top to bottom through an acorn and loop a length of wire through, twisting the ends to form a stem. Use a hot-glue gun to affix five acorn cap petals around the center acorn stigma.

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    Acorn Ornament Tree Centerpiece

    A long silver serving tray filled with acorns acts as beautiful centerpiece when paired with a simple vase filled with branches. Decorate the branches with the acorn ornaments found on the next slide.

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    Acorn Ornaments

    Acorns become easy ornaments with a coat of paint and loops made of twine glued to the caps. Sparsely hang these ornaments on the branches for fun touches of color without making the centerpiece overwhelming.

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    Acorn Place Setting

    Acorns become table jewelry when they're wired together to make a napkin ring (see directions on the next slide). Bright red napkins stand out against a simple white plate. For a touch of texture to the table, lay down a burlap table runner.

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    Acorn Napkin Ring

    To make this natural napkin ring, drill tiny holes through the sides of nine or 10 acorns. Wire the acorns together, alternating the acorns top-to-bottom so they nestle together tightly.

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    Seasonal Seasoning Decor

    Fill a long serving platter with acorns. Use decorative bowls to hold seasonings and condiments, and line them up on the serving platter for an aesthetic and convenient way to serve guests.

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    Acorn Print Pillow

    A plain pillow gets a fall makeover with the addition of an acorn design. Make your own natural pillow by printing an acorn (or any other fall image) on transfer paper and ironing it to a throw pillow.

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    Leaf Garland

    Thread freshly fallen oak leaves together garland-style to carry autumn hues indoors. Wrap around a table or hang on a mantel for a string of natural decorating.

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