Amazon's Twice-Sold-Out Ceramic Halloween Tree Is Back in Stock

These aren't your grandma's Halloween decorations! 

We're still in full summer mode, but there's one holiday purchase you need to make right now. The twice-sold-out black ceramic Halloween tree is back in stock—but not for long. Over the past few seasons, the iconic vintage ceramic Christmas trees have made a huge comeback, and the Halloween versions have continued to increase in popularity⁠.

We know what you're thinking: How could Halloween decor sell out before we've even finished back-to-school shopping? But as we saw last year, die-hard fans of the holiday were putting up their Halloween trees (yes, that's a thing!) over the summer, and the ceramic trees sold out instantly—so if you want one, order now.

black ceramic tree
Courtesy of Amazon

Buy It: Black Ceramic Halloween Tree ($40-$60, Amazon)

Michaels released a black ceramic Halloween tree that sold out online in just a few weeks. When the craft brand restocked the trees a few months later, they instantly sold out again. And while there's no word yet on whether the crafts brand will bring back the tree in 2021, we have good news for you: Amazon sells a nearly-identical tree, and it just came back in stock. And while it's only July, if you want one you'll need to act fast.

The only noticeable difference between the trees is that the base of the Michaels tree is solid black, and Amazon's version is orange with black lettering across the bottom. The tree features a black gloss finish with orange and purple miniature light bulbs and a bright jack-o'-lantern tree topper, and comes in a 9-inch height ($40) and 15-inch height ($60). It requires batteries and runs on a programmable timer, so you can schedule the lights to turn on and off whenever you prefer. And, it has more than 950 5-star reviews on Amazon, which means other shoppers are loving it just as much as we are.

It's not clear how long the trees will be available online, so grab yours before they sell out again!

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