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This year I’m putting our holiday decorations up as early as possible (it’s been a rough year, after all), and since we’re inching closer to Halloween, I’ve already got the pumpkins, bats, and ghosts on display. But how early is too early for the Halloween decor to go up? We partnered with YouGov to find out exactly when Americans think it’s acceptable to put up their Halloween decor, and the results might surprise you. 

In the YouGov survey of 1,500 U.S. adults, a small portion of respondents (5%) said it was acceptable to put up Halloween decor before Labor Day. And while I admire the dedication there, even that’s too early for me. Another 16% of the survey takers said it was okay to put decorations out between Labor Day and September 30, which feels a little more reasonable—especially if you live somewhere that experiences fall temperatures during the month of September. 

front steps halloween decor with dog and child
Credit: Jay Wilde

But the final answer comes from the nearly half of respondents who said October 1 was the most acceptable time to put out the Halloween decor. 47% reported they’d be getting out the carved pumpkins and Halloween wreaths between October 1 and 15. And since we’re officially in the month of October, go ahead and take this as your excuse to get out all the faux spiderwebs and ghost-theme decor you can find. 

Another 21% said they thought people should wait until between October 16 and 30, 3% of respondents said the day of Halloween was the only acceptable time to put out decorations, and 8% had no opinion on the matter. If you ask me, it sounds like those people need a little help getting into the spooky spirit—perhaps with a festive Halloween cocktail or a bite of candy corn cake

When You Can Put Up Halloween Decorations

The full breakdown of participant responses is listed below. Now's the time a majority of respondents agree is time to display that spooky spirit.

  • Before Labor Day: 5%
  • Between Labor Day and September 30: 16%
  • Between October 1 and 15: 47%
  • Between October 16 and 30: 21%
  • On Halloween (October 31): 3%
  • Don’t Know: 8%

No matter what day you put your decor up, there’s always room for more! This season, consider making a spooky Halloween twig wreath or some of our favorite Halloween crafts to add to your existing decor.  


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