Upcycle These 5 Things into Halloween Decor

Decorating for Halloween doesn't have to mean endless trips to the craft store. Each of these Halloween craft projects are made using items you already have at home—we're upcyling!

Trick or treat! These Halloween craft projects look amazing, that's the treat. The trick? All of them can be made with things you already have around the house! This upcycled Halloween decor is so easy to make, it's scary.

Upcycling: Backyard twigs

We're using backyard debris to create front door décor! Gathered sticks and twigs come together to create a natural and raw wreath, with just a touch of the creepy-crawlies. The sticks and twigs are attached to a cardboard circle (you won't even have to go to the craft store for a wreath form). We used garden shears to cut some of our twigs, so that the wreath has varying textures and lengths.

This is how you make this easy twig wreath.

Upcycling: Leftover yarn

Your house has eyes, at least it will this Halloween. Are they cat eyes? Or bat eyes? Or vampire eyes? That is all up to the imagination of you and your trick-or treaters! Give your leftover yarn a new spooky purpose with this spooky-eyes wreath. Any color yarn that you have leftover from previous projects works to create a wreath that gives a whole new meaning to neighborhood watch.

Learn how to make it. 

Upcycling: Chocolate candy corn

When it comes to the world of confections, candy corn can be controversial; you either love it or hate it. But we can all agree that this candy corn hedgehog pumpkin is just too cute. Making a no-carve pumpkin means no knives, no mess, and no pumpkin guts. Your hot glue gun is your best friend in making the hedgehog, it is how each candy corn and each felt facial feature is attached. But be careful, too much glue can mean sliding candy corn.

Check out how to make this no-carve hedgehog pumpkin.

Upcycling: Old picture frames

Ghost Face Frame

Who knew that your house was haunted? But this Halloween ghosts are making an appearance in your old picture frames. The ghosts are made by applying layers of Mod Podge and cheesecloth to a foam head. Your upcycled picture frames give the ghosts a nice, vintage home for the Halloween season. 

Learn how to make them. 

Upcycling: Empty candy boxes

This Halloween wreath chooses fun over scary. And what is more fun than candy? You can turn movie-theater-style candy boxes into Halloween décor. All it takes is a blank wreath base and hot glue gun for your old candy boxes to be transformed into fun, colorful décor. The trick-or-treaters will definitely know what they're in for when they ring your doorbell, for the rest of the year your house will be known as "the one with the good candy."

Check out how to make this sweet wreath.


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