Letter boards are all over Instagram, and we’ve rounded up the funniest Halloween boards to inspire your Halloween decorating.

By Emily VanSchmus

We love the letter board trend, and there’s no better time than the holidays to incorporate it into your home décor. We’ve rounded up the funniest Halloween letter board quotes on Instagram to inspire you this spooky season. Use these sayings or come up with one of your own—the possibilities are endless!

Stranger Danger

We’re giggling over the irony that this funny letterboard quote points out. We teach our children all about stranger danger, but hey, nothing’s more important than free candy on Halloween!

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Parenting Win

There has never been a more true mantra than this! This parenting rule seems totally fair to us!

The Ultimate Halloween Costume

This Halloween letter board is totally on point! This sounds like the perfect Halloween costume—and we don't think this is too much to ask for!

Low-Effort Decor

We can totally relate to this creative letterboard quote! Halloween gives us a good excuse to leave those cobwebs (both real and faux) on display all season long. There are more important things than dusting this time of year—like stocking up on Halloween candy.

Suggestions, Please!

We won’t lie, sometimes a glass of wine is exactly what you need after a long night of trick-or-treating with little monsters. We’re totally laughing at this clever letterboard quote!

Truly Scary

You don’t have to don a costume to get a super scary Halloween look, just ask this letterboard! A lack of caffeine sounds truly terrifying in the middle of spooky season.

How to Win Adulting

This funny letterboard quote is so true. The best part of Halloween as an adult is hitting the candy aisle at the grocery store instead of asking strangers for candy—and we won’t tell if you save it all for yourself!

It's Hocus Pocus!

We’re loving this Hocus Pocus-inspired letterboard. Take a line from the classic Halloween movie and turn it into clever Halloween décor.

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