7 Pink Halloween Decor Ideas to Copy This Season

This unexpected color is a holiday trend we can get behind.

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Halloween Party Theme Ombre Brunch

Orange and black get all the attention on Halloween, but this year they’ll need to make room for a new hue because pink Halloween decor is this year’s hottest holiday trend. “Pink everything has been popular for a few years now, so it's no surprise that the hue has made its way into Halloween decor,” says designer Bethany Adams of Bethany Adams Interiors.

Between the rise of pastel decor and the latest “Barbiecore” trend, it makes sense that the bright shade would find its way into Halloween decorations. “We like to think of it as hot pink adding fun to a gothic mentality. Pink is in response to people wanting to inject a bit of playfulness, fun, and lightheartedness into something that could be considered a bit intense,” says Tara Dennis, co-founder and director of Archie Bolden.

You don’t have to ditch the orange and black spooky tradition in favor of pink, of course. Instead incorporate a pink Halloween aesthetic right alongside your trusty orange, green, and black decorations. “The added benefit of using pink in your Halloween tableaux is that everything will transition easily into Thanksgiving decorations, meaning less waste and more time for you to sit back and enjoy that pumpkin spice latte," Adams says.

Read on for pink Halloween decor inspiration that will have you seeing spooky season through rose-colored glasses.

Muted Pink Halloween Decor

warm hued fall decorated table with pumpkins and dried greenery
Jason Donnelly

While Barbiecore is certainly trending right now, you don't have to go with a bubblegum shade to hop on the pink Halloween decor trend. Muted mauve tones blend perfectly with the white pumpkins and natural elements on this fall-theme tablescape. It's a sophisticated way to add a pop of pink without distracting from your other decor pieces.

No-Carve Ombre Pumpkin

spray painted white pumpkins
Jacob Fox

There’s so much to love about this no-carve pumpkin which gets its style not from a jack-o-lantern face, but from a burst of pink spray paint. Achieve this misted ombre look by holding the spray paint far from the pumpkin, or using a gloved hand or sheet of tissue paper to keep parts of the pumpkin from getting sprayed. Dial up the black and orange accents (like this creepy crawler) to create contrast that helps the pink pop.

Pink Halloween Bar Cart

Pink Halloween Decor

Whether you're hosting a Halloween bash or sipping on a festive drink while munching on leftover candy, this pink bar cart is the perfect place to store your seasonal libations. Plus, you don't have to change much about your existing bar area. Remove everything that doesn't fit the color scheme, add a pink pumpkin (or two), and make sure you have all the ingredients for a tasty Halloween cocktail.

Dried Floral Pumpkin

floral pumpkin fall decor
Marty Baldwin

This stunning floral covered in dried mums and other fall blooms is a dream for anyone who loves decorating with bold colors. The no-carve pumpkin has amazing visual interest, but it comes together easily with dried flowers and a hot glue gun. If you’d rather keep the flowers in a vase, “try adding a vase of pink pampas grass, preserved protea flower, or faux Japanese maple branches to your mantle or table for a hit of nature pink fall color,” Adams says.

Pink Halloween Wreath

skulls roses wreath
Adam Albright

Think pink can’t be creepy? Think again. Add pink blooms to your Halloween wreath for an eerie contradiction between the severe black and the bright shade. “Pink contrasted with spooky darks lightens up the mood adding a joyful flair,” says Lucy Penfield, of Lucy Interior Design in Minneapolis. That’s certainly the case here, where skulls and flowers mingle side-by-side on this festive Halloween door decor.

Pink Halloween Tablescape

Halloween Party Theme Ombre Brunch

This unexpected and glam Halloween tablescape hits all the right elements with the velour pumpkins, woven table runner, and bright pom-pom napkin rings. Dennis says pink "should also be pulled through in texture as well as accents,” which is exactly what the pink elements do here. Use this as inspiration for your next Halloween bash, or leave the table decor out all season long.

Disco Ball Pumpkin

Disco Pumpkin
Laura Moss

A disco ball pumpkin set aglow with pink string lights sets the perfect tone for a Halloween party. Use silver paint or even strips of metallic tape to get this groovy look—no carving required. In addition to sprinkling pink elements into your Halloween decor, “disco balls can also be a good element to add as they're fun, easy to find, and add a fun and unique element to your spirited decor,” Dennis says.

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