How to Decorate a Halloween Tree for Spooky and Festive Fun

Forget traditional red and green ornaments—people are decorating Halloween trees! 

We strongly believe it's never too early to decorate for Christmas, but we know some people need to get through Halloween before hauling ornament boxes and artificial trees up from the basement. If decorating your Christmas tree early has you saying, "bah humbug," the latest holiday decor trend might be right up your alley: Halloween trees are popping up everywhere.

A Halloween tree is exactly what you'd expect: A faux Christmas tree decorated in festive Halloween shades like orange and black rather than the traditional Christmas red and green. Instead of beads and ornaments, these trees are decorated with all kinds of ghosts, goblins, and ghouls. More than 54,000 posts on Instagram are tagged under #halloweentree, and the images are incredible.

We've rounded up our favorite Halloween trees to inspire you with ideas for how to decorate a Halloween tree, whether with skeletons, jack-o-lanterns, or witches.

Pink Faux Tree

Who says you have to stick with the traditional orange and black color scheme this Halloween? Ditch the traditional tree and opt for a bright pink faux fir ($98, Wayfair) decorated with black and white ornaments, mini skulls, and black tinsel branches. We especially love the witch's feet poking out of the top!

Musical Tree

Here's how to decorate a Halloween tree with a non-holiday theme included. We love this modern silver tree from Ella Claire & Co., with all kinds of black and white ribbons and a musical theme. This tree could easily transition to Christmas in a few months—swap out the bats, cats, and witch's hats for traditional holiday ornaments.

White Faux Tree

A white faux tree ($57, The Home Depot) is an ideal backdrop for creating a sparkling winter wonderland, but if you put it out a few months early, it's also the perfect canvas for an assortment of black and orange decorations. This Halloween tree is covered in traditional ball ornaments, spooky signs, skulls, and miniature jack-o'-lanterns.

Black Faux Tree

With faux white pumpkins, skeleton ornaments, and a large pumpkin tree topper, this Halloween tree combines spooky and modern decor elements. It's also proof that arm-knit tree skirts aren't just for Christmas trees!

Creepy Tree

We recently jumped on the black Christmas tree trend, and we feel they're here to stay—especially because we can use them as Halloween trees! Set up a black faux Christmas tree, then swap your star tree topper for something a bit spookier, like this skull attached to a large bow.

Multi-Color Tree

This multi-color tree would be easy to DIY; just use yellow and orange spray paint ($12, Michaels) to create bright layers on an artificial white tree. The oversized black and white striped ornaments help tie the tree to the existing decor in this scene, proving a colorful pop of Halloween decor can work for any space.

Over-the-Top Tree

This elaborate Halloween tree really sparkles. Create this look at home by layering black and white ornaments, ribbons, and signs on a white or silver tree. We especially love the buffalo check bows and piano-inspired ribbon on this one. If you don't have a white, silver, or neutral tree, it's worth the investment: It can be decorated for other holidays more easily than a traditional green tree commonly associated with Christmas.

If you want to make a bold statement this year, it may be time to invest in a black Christmas tree. It's a perfect backdrop for bright and whimsical Halloween decorations (we love the bright masks used here), but can also be transformed into a gorgeous Christmas tree display. Whether you opt for bright, scary, or modern, it looks like a Halloween tree is definitely the way to go this year!

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