Deck the halls for fall with this adorable autumnal twist on a Christmas classic.
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As spooky season approaches, more and more Halloween twists on Christmas decorating trends have emerged. Vintage ceramic Christmas trees are now available in orange and black, and we're seeing completely decked-out Halloween Christmas trees. Whether it's because people are looking for new ways to switch up their traditional Halloween decor or they just can't wait to break out the Christmas accessories, we're fully on board. And we've recently spotted another Christmas-turned-Halloween trend you're going to want to try this year.

Bottle-brush trees have been a hot-ticket winter decorating essential for years. There are hundreds of options you can buy online, and we've even tried making our own DIY bottle brush trees. And this year, you can display the tiny trees earlier than ever with candy corn-theme bottle brush trees. 

The Halloween decorations are exactly what they sound like: Bottle-brush trees dyed to look like a piece of the classic candy. Since the trees are naturally shaped like a triangle, dyeing the branches orange, yellow, and white gives them a strong resemblance to the sugary treat. To help inspire your own Halloween decorating, we've rounded up our favorite candy corn trees you can buy online. 

Credit: Courtesy of Etsy / YourHeartsContent

Tall Candy Corn Bottle Brush Trees

These skinny trees are the largest candy corn-inspired versions we've found, at 14, 12, and 10 inches tall. Each is mounted to a round gold base, which gives the set a modern look. The collection ships for free anywhere in the U.S. and will be on your doorstep in about 5 days.

Buy It: Bottlebrush Trees ($42 for a 3-pack, Etsy)

orange and yellow mini trees
Credit: Courtesy of QVC

Pastel Candy Corn Trees

These multicolor trees are a muted shade of orange and yellow, so you can easily incorporate them into fall decor, too. The set of three comes with an 11-inch, 9-inch, and 7-inch tree, all with orange, yellow, and white bristles stacked on a pretty round white base.

Buy It: Orange Bottle Brush Trees ($16 for a 3-pack, QVC)

halloween bottle brush trees
Credit: Courtesy of Etsy / WoollyMammothDesign

Classic Candy Corn Trees

These bottle brush trees from Etsy will pair perfectly with your farmhouse Halloween decor. The trees are available in five sizes ranging from 4 inches to 18.5 inches (a few sizes are sold out, but check back as we get closer to the holiday). They're festive enough to dress up a Halloween mantel on their own, but they'll make a bold statement wherever you display them.

Buy It: Candy Corn Halloween Bottle Brush Trees ($22, Etsy)

candy corn bottle brush trees
Credit: Courtesy of Etsy / MyCraftedStudio

Solid Orange and Yellow Trees

This set of bottle brush trees is one of the most inexpensive options we've found, at just $10 for a set of three tri-color trees in orange, yellow, and white. Pair them together for a candy corn look, or incorporate them into the Halloween decor you already have. Plus, you can upgrade to a set of six or nine for a larger display.

Buy It: Candy Corn Bottle Brush Trees ($10 for a 3-pack, Etsy)


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