4 Creative Ways to Style a Halloween Bar Cart

Let eye-catching bar carts cast spells at your holiday gathering or Halloween date night.

It wouldn't be a Halloween party without a little witch's brew. Serve up spooky cocktails from a Halloween-theme bar cart. In addition to your existing "boos" and barware, you'll need just a few pieces of seasonal decor to make a big impact. Try styling a boho-inspired bar cart using white pumpkins, a woodbead garland, and dried flowers. Or, put a playful twist on Halloween with cotton candy cocktails, candies, and colorful candles. These ideas for styling a Halloween bar cart are easy, festive, and inexpensive—perfect for an evening with your best ghouls.

bar cart paper moths black crepe paper flowers
Jacob Fox

Gothic Halloween Bar Cart

The rich, elegant hue of a blackberry margarita inspires this haunting Halloween bar cart. Set the scene with oversize black crepe paper flowers and faux moths that have seemingly escaped from their glass enclosure. Create the black flowers using crepe paper, which comes in rolls almost 10 inches wide. Realistic paper moths ($23, Etsy) of various sizes climb the wall thanks to removable hanging strips. Suspend them beneath a glass cloche on the bottom shelf of the bar cart. Hot-glue each insect to a length of fishing line and use invisible tape to attach the opposite end of the filament to the inside of the cloche. Finish with brass bar accessories and a large bouquet of red and burgundy flowers.

candy themed bar cart pink candles
Jacob Fox

Colorful Halloween Bar Cart

A bar set up as an at-home chemistry experiment gives the impression that poison could be on the menu. The simple additions of a candelabra and a bust wearing a lacy eye mask set a mysterious tone on the bar cart. A printable periodic table ($33, Etsy) in a perfectly pastel palette makes for spookily scientific art in a spray-painted ornate vintage frame. Glassware seemingly straight from the mad scientist's lab—beakers, flasks, test tubes, and more—hold candy that guests can enjoy at their own risk, of course.

bar cart pumpkins ghost garland
Jacob Fox

Boho Halloween Bar Cart

A bubbling bowl of deliciously sweet ghost-white punch is the centerpiece of this boho-inspired party décor. White and lightly colored pumpkins, bead garlands, and dried protea flowers mixed with pampas grass are not overly spooky until strategically placed spiders and a skull, enter the mix, taking it from boho to boo-ho. The punch bowl becomes a smoking cauldron with the addition of dry ice. Use care (and tongs) to add dry ice to the large vessel. When serving, carefully fill each glass without serving dry ice to guests. Use regular ice cubes in glasses topped with white chocolate ghosts.

Pink Halloween Decor

Pink Halloween Bar Cart

A few pink accents give this Halloween bar cart a pretty—not scary—vibe. Pastel glassware, gold accents, and homemade macarons add to the sweet display. Accent bar cart staples, like coupe glasses and liquor bottles, with a few painted pumpkins. Try making marbleized pumpkins with nail polish to add color and texture. Finish the setup with a bouquet of fresh flowers and linen cocktail napkins.

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