How to Make Black Crepe Paper Flowers for Halloween

Use black crepe paper to create your own eye-catching floral wall.

Create a captivating floral wall with just a few inexpensive craft supplies. These large black flowers are easy to cut from Lia Griffith crepe paper, which comes in rolls almost 10 inches wide. Individual petals give the blooms a lifelike (if gloomy) dimension. Fringed crepe paper in rich colors results in eye-catching blossom centers. We displayed the finished flowers with eye-catching paper moths. An assortment of vintage paper moths adds a colorful touch to the final design. If arranging the flowers behind a bar cart, plan on using three large flowers and five smaller blooms.

bar cart paper moths black crepe paper flowers
Jacob Fox

How to Make Oversize Black Crepe Paper Flowers

Supplies Needed

  • Black cardstock
  • Scissors
  • Printable petal template
  • Black crepe paper
  • Assorted colored crepe paper (we used burgundy, gray, and tan)
  • Fringe scissors
  • Hot glue gun

Step-by-Step Directions

Use our detailed instructions to create your own spooky Halloween wall decoration. These bold paper flowers look great hung behind a bar cart or above a mantel.

black crepe paper flower
Jacob Fox

Step 1: Prep Base

Cut a circle from the card stock as the base of the paper flower. You will build the flower off of this. Cut a larger circle about 5-inches in diameter for the larger flowers and a circle about 3-inches in diameter for the smaller flowers.

Step 2: Cut Petals

Cut out the flower petals from the black crepe paper ($10, Etsy). To cut several petals at a time, stack layers of crepe paper on itself. Sizes of the petals will vary depending on the size of the flower, anywhere from 3-inches to around 10-inches in length. You will need around five large petals, five medium-sized petals, and three small size petals for each flower. Make sure you cut the petals going the correct grain on the crepe paper. You want the grain to run vertically.

Step 3: Assemble Flowers

Begin hot-gluing petals to the card stock circle, starting with the largest petals. Use your fingers to stretch and mold each petal into shape before gluing it into place. Work from the largest petals outside to the smallest petals inside.

Step 4: Create the Centers

Cut a 2-x8-inch strip of colored crepe paper ($22 for 10, Staples). Cut the long side with fringe scissors ($7, Walmart). Roll the fringed crepe up using hot glue to secure. Once it's rolled, glue it into place at the center of the flower. Attach the flowers to the wall using Command poster strips ($10, Walmart).

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