Foam shapes and cleverly cut paper straws form an adorable Halloween decoration. Use our easy instructions to make your own garland, plus see more of our best Halloween DIY ideas.


This festive holiday garland will dress up your Halloween mantel decor with a few inexpensive materials. Cut store-bought patterned paper straws into small pieces and string them through the middles to form a fun and festive banner, then string a second strand of foam bats to finish off this adorable Halloween craft idea. This piece is best for indoor decorating but can be hung outdoors on dry days.

Halloween decorations

How to Make a Paper Bat and Straw Garland

Supplies Needed

  • Paper straws
  • Scissors
  • Large needle
  • Thread
  • Felt bats
  • Foam balls or felt pom-poms

Step-by-Step Directions

Follow these easy how-to instructions to make your own paper bat and straw garland. You should be able to finish each garland in under an hour.

threading string through straws

Step 1: Cut and string straws

Buy a large package of paper straws with a festive holiday pattern (these are usually available in the party supplies section of the grocery store). Trim the straws to match the ideal width of your banner; we started with 8-inch straws and cut them in half to form 4-inch pieces. Use a needle and thread to puncture the middle of each straw and string the pieces together to form a garland. Keep stringing straws until the garland reaches your desired length (we made ours about 5 feet long).

string thread through bat cutouts

Step 2: String foam shapes

Purchase a package of precut foam shapes or draw and trace a pattern to cut your own. If your foam shapes don't come with holes (or if you made your own), use a small hole punch to add holes to either side of each shape. Use a needle and thread to string the foam shapes together, adding small foam balls or pom-poms for a festive touch; keep stringing until this garland matches the length of the straw garland.

halloween straw and bat garlands

Step 3: Style and hang

When you're finished stringing both garlands, tie off the ends so you don't lose any shapes or straws. Hang both strands close together so the two garlands form a cohesive piece. At first, the straw pieces will likely hang together, in large chunks of flat pieces; after you hang the garland, move and pull the straw pieces so they point in different directions. This homemade garland idea is the perfect way to add some spook to your indoor Halloween decorating. If you're planning to hang the garland outdoors, remember to bring it in overnight and only hang it outside on warmer, dry days.


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