Witch Hat Treat Holders for Halloween

Bewitch Halloween party guests with these witch hat treat holders filled with popcorn.

What You'll Need

  • Black and white patterned paper
  • Tape
  • Black paper
  • Scissors
  • Hole punch
  • Ribbon

How to Make It

  1. From an 8-1/2 inch square of patterned paper, cut along a curved line from one corner of the paper to the opposite corner.
  2. Roll the paper into a cone shape and secure with tape.
  3. Cut a 9-inch-diameter circle from black paper. Cut out an inner circle smaller in diameter than the cone opening.
  4. Center the paper cone under the inner circle cut in the black paper. Fold the edge of the inner circle into the cone, cutting small slits in the edge of the inner circle paper (as necessary to fit around the curve of the cone). Secure the brim to the cone with tape.
  5. For the treat bag handle, punch two holes into the cone on opposite sides below the brim. Cut a piece of ribbon to desired length. Thread one end through each hole from inside the cone. Tie off with a knot on each side.


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