How To Make Spider Web Gourds and Pots

Halloween spider webs add a subtly spooky effect to fall gourds and ceramic pots; perfect for a Halloween look with a grown-up spin.

Halloween: the one time of year you actually want spider webs in your home. Well...maybe not real ones, but cheesecloth (with the help of spray paint) creates a web effect without the assistance of our eight-legged friends. 

What You'll Need:

  • Assorted gourds & terra-cotta or ceramic pots
  • Spray paint: flat black, flat gray, metallic gold
  • Large-mesh cheesecloth
  • Spray adhesive

Step 1: Spray-Paint Base Coat

Spray-paint a pot or gourd with flat black. Cover the entire surface with a thick, even coat. Let dry completely. 

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Step 2: Choose Your Finish

Cover each painted project with cheesecloth and choose your finish. 

For gray look: Spray-paint a thin layer of flat gray over the black; let dry. For metallic look: Spray-paint a thin layer of metallic gold over the gray; let dry.

Carefully remove the cheesecloth and let the project dry completely. 

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