Pumpkin Lunch Box

Who knew a plain lunch box could be so cute? Give kids silver lunch boxes and a few other supplies so they can create their own ghoulish pumpkin grins.

What You Need

  • Round metal lunch box with handle
  • Orange spray paint
  • Assorted unfinished wood shapes: circles, stars, and hearts
  • Acrylic paint: red, orange, yellow, and black
  • Self-adhesive magnets
  • Scrabble pieces

How to Make It

  1. In a well-ventilated area, spray paint the lunch box orange; let dry.
  2. Divide unfinished wood shapes into four assorted groupings.
  3. Paint each group with one color of acrylic paint; let dry.
  4. To ease assembly, place the colored wood shapes, the Scrabble pieces, and the self-adhesive magnets each in a small container.
  5. Have kids peel off the paper backings from the magnets and adhere magnets to backs of desired shapes and decorations.
  6. Arrange magnetic shapes on lid of lunch box as desired.


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