Set the party scene with this easy, unique accordion style pumpkin garland. We'll show you how to make a pumpkin garland with just two materials. Simple DIY Halloween pumpkin decorations for the win! Pick any message to add to this Halloween garland, or keep it simple with plain paper pumpkins.

Updated: September 25, 2018

What You Need

  • Card stock: orange and black
  • Black permanent marking pen
  • Double-stick tape
  • Binder clips
  • Twine

Choose a Phrase

The first thing to do is decide what you want your pumpkin garland message to say. Count the number of letters in the message—that's how many pumpkins you'll need to make for your garland. Choose a short, one-word phrase for a simple garland or choose a two-word phrase and make two garlands.

Here's some ideas to get you started:

Once you pick a message or a phrase, cut the necessary letters from black card stock. Freehand the letters, but use stencils or a ruler to keep each letter the same height. 

Get Crafting

Draw and cut out the necessary number of stemmed pumpkins from orange card stock; since you'll be folding the pumpkins, they don't all have to be exactly the same shape. Fold each pumpkin individually accordion-style with approximately 1 inch between each fold. After you've cut and folded each pumpkin, use glue to attach a piece of black cardstock to form the pumpkin stem.

Finish and Display

Lay out the cut letters and the folded pumpkins to make sure you have a pumpkin for each letter. Then, tape or glue a letter to each folded pumpkin, being careful not to flatten the folds. String a length of twine wherever you would like your pumpkin decoration to be, along a wall or above a doorway and attach each pumpkin to the twine with a binder clip. For longer phrases, use multiple strings of twine and either hang one word above the other, or double the twine for extra strength.



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