Pearl Skeleton Necklace

Made from ghost-white pearls, this may be the prettiest skeleton you'll ever meet.

Make a bunch of skeletons to pass out to trick-or-treaters on Halloween. Click to enlarge.

Using the diagram, you'll master beading on wire and have one made in no time. Kids love making this friendly fellow, too, so be sure to gather enough supplies for everyone to join in the fun.

What You Need:

  • Wire cutters
  • 24-gauge silver beading wire
  • 3- or 4-mm pearl beads
  • Jump rings
  • Scissors
  • Black ribbon


1. Download the free pattern for this project. (Downloading requires Adobe Acrobat software.)

Pearl skeleton diagram

Download Adobe Acrobat

2. Cut a 3-foot length of wire and fold it in half. Hold both ends as you work.

3. Begin threading the first row of the diagram, a pearl followed by a jump ring and two more pearls. Let these beads fall to the center of the wire. Next follow the second row of the diagram, stringing four pearls onto one wire end. Thread the other wire end through all four beads in the opposite direction and then tightly pull both ends. You should now have two rows of pearls, one lying over the other. Continue working in this fashion, following the chart until you reach the arms.

4. Each arm is strung on a single wire. Thread five arm beads followed by three finger beads. String the wire back through the five arm beads so that the finger beads form a loop at the end of the arm. Repeat the process for the second arm using the second wire. Continue following the diagram, passing both wires through each row of beads until the legs are reached.

5. The legs are strung individually the same way as for the arms. String nine beads for the leg itself and five beads for the foot. Thread the wire end back through the nine leg beads and then through the last row of the body. Once the second leg is complete, twist the wire ends together and cut excess wire.

6. Cut ribbon 10 inches longer than desired. Thread ribbon end through jump ring. Place around neck and tie ends into a bow.


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