Up the Creep Factor of Your Halloween Wreath with Spooky Mummy Hands

Learn how to make a Halloween wreath and dress it up with these adorably scary mummy hands—you can make them with just three materials!

mummy wreath on front door

Use masking tape and cheesecloth to create a pair of frightfully cute mummy hands. Grab a friend who is willing to let you use their hands and get wrapping! Our easy instructions show you how to make a perfectly shaped mummy hand and how to easily remove your creation from your friend's hand. Attach the finished hands to a wreath form for a spooky and inexpensive Halloween wreath.

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What You'll Need:

  • Masking tape
  • Cheesecloth
  • Scissors

Step 1: Wrap hands in tape

mummy hand

To make the mummy hands, grab a friend to help create the hand mold—this is a two-person project! Start wrapping masking tape (sticky side out) at the base of your friend's wrist and wrap all the way up to the bottom of the fingers. Make sure the tape overlaps so no parts of the hand are visible. Use the same technique to wrap each finger, using small pieces of masking tape to attach each finger to the main frame of the hand if necessary.

Step 2: Wrap in cheesecloth

mummy hand

Cut thin strips of cheesecloth and wrap them around the tape-covered hand until the tape is no longer visible, or until the hand isn't sticky. Pay special attention to the areas where the fingers meet the main hand form.

Step 3: Remove mummy hand

mummy hands

Since your friend likely doesn't want to stay attached to your Halloween wreath for the whole season, you'll need to remove the taped hand form from the actual hand. To remove the hand shape without ruining the form, cut a vertical slit in the tape along the palm side of the hand, stopping at the base of the fingers. Wiggle each finger out of the tape (be careful not to detach the finger forms from the hand form) to slide the hand out from the tape and cheesecloth. Use a piece of masking tape to reattach the slit ends.

Step 4: Attach to wreath

mummy hands

When your mummy hands are finished, turn them into a spooky piece of Halloween decor. Start with a plain twig wreath and spray paint it black. When the paint is dry, use hot glue to attach the mummy hands to the bottom of the wreath form; we added a few extra strips of cheesecloth to the ends of the hands for extra effect. Finish off the wreath with a thin layer of faux spider webbing, and use a clear hanging hook to display the wreath on the front door.

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