Make a Monster Mouth Treat Holder for Halloween

This monster may look scary but inside his mouth he holds a sweet treat -- a perfect gift for Halloween guests.

What You'll Need

  • Pattern for mouth
  • Lightweight green paper
  • Double-stick adhesive
  • Teeth pattern
  • Scissors
  • Orange paper
  • Glue
  • Press-on adhesive letters (if desired)
  • Candy

Click here to download patterns

How to Make It

1. Fold a 12-inch square of lightweight green paper (do not use card stock or construction paper) into quarters; open up.

2. Fold the corner points almost to the center of the square, making diagonal folds.

3. Turn the piece to the opposite side and again, fold the corner points almost to the center of the square, making diagonal folds.

4. Turn the piece to the opposite side; fold the shape in quarters for shaping ease.

5. Then, slipping the forefinger and thumb of each hand into adjacent top and bottom pockets, bring the corner points together.

6. Secure the area between the forefingers with double-stick adhesive; also secure the area between the thumbs.

7. Cut teeth pattern from white paper.

8. Adhere teeth around outside of folded paper face.

9. Cut two eyes from orange paper. Glue eyes to folded paper face; add 3/8-inch-diameter black pom-poms for pupils.

10. Cut tongue from red paper. If desired, use press-on adhesive letters or your own handwriting to add a message or name.

11. Attach to inside of mouth; fill with wrapped candy.


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